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  1. Thanks that is really wanted I wanted to know if I could just go and use internet just to check in on work and not really take too much time, but just in case they NEED some thing inportmant. Again appreciate your response... Salena
  2. I appreciate your comment, I am going to be on VACATION and would prefer NOT to have to use the computer but where I work is due for a state survey around that time ( should not have booked a cruise during this time but you don't know when they will arrive, thought they would have been over by now) so I need to check in every once in a while!!!! Again Thanks Salena
  3. Has anyone ever used the internet Cafe on the conquest and what is your opinion. Thanks Salena
  4. Thanks sorry it took me so long to get back.. Work as been busy here Again Thanks Salena
  5. We are going a group of 12 or so and we are wondering how many each table holds or if there are tables of 12 available? Salena
  6. :D GREAT pics-- I appreciate them!!!! Salena:)
  7. MachMan Thanks for understanding that we are NEW to this cruise language!!! Salena
  8. Thanks Suzie That picture helps a bunch!!! Salena:)
  9. If anyone has pictures of the tendering boat ( I guess that is what you call it) please let me know!!! Just a little concerned about tendering Salena:rolleyes:
  10. Thanks Deb. Seems it may depend on the weather!!! Salena
  11. Kim we are also going on Sept 30 cruise and we are on Cat 8c I am getting a little worried also about rocking. What is your Cabin Number we are 8233 first ever cruise Hubby and I. Salena
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