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  1. Thanks for the in-depth review. Love the pics! Can't wait to board the Encore this coming Sunday for a New Year's cruise!
  2. They cleaned it all off a few years ago and people immediately began sticking gum on it again. Makes me so proud! 😑
  3. Fellow Seattle native here... the disgusting Gum Wall was my first thought immediately! The smell of the whole walkway near the Gum Wall makes me retch. Yuck!
  4. It's too bad those people can't afford a cabin to sleep in on this cruise...
  5. About the bare feet, it's funny once you notice it, but those chairs are obviously made for people to stretch out, and I don't see a difference between bare feet and shoes that have been dragged through the restrooms and all around the ship...pretty yucky either way.
  6. What piers does the Encore use when they dock in San Juan, St. Thomas, and Tortola? Trying to plan for beaches nearest the port. Thanks for your help!
  7. I had a cove balcony on Carnival once and really liked it. But on the Carnival ship, the cutout window was much bigger, coming lower to the floor. With this picture, I can tell that I would be unable to see anything but sky as soon as I sat in the chair. So this cabin would be a "no" for me.
  8. I was very impressed with the care I received from the medical clinic when I came down with a horrible case of the Flu (not a stomach virus) while on a cruise. I strongly advise everyone to get travel insurance before you go!
  9. Sorry...I should have named the ship. I'm booked on the Encore for New Years 2019-20.
  10. My last cruise was for New Year's 2019. For that cruise (and previous cruises), I booked my shows and dining at 90 days out. We weren't allowed to book them before 90 then. But I was just reading a post about dining, and someone mentioned that you can book 120 days out! I'm still 8 days out from the 90 days, so I was waiting patiently for my 90-day window to open. Fortunately I saw this post, and was able to head right over and book my meals (no shows available to book though??). I think if I'd waited another week there would have been no openings for dining. So, this is my PSA that you should not wait until 90 days anymore. I think maybe people don't know that this is the case--if they did, I think the available slots would have already been booked.
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