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  1. As others have said, the pot pie from O'Sheehan's, but I think it was actually turkey, not chicken. From LeBistro, I really miss the mussels with cream sauce. They changed the sauce to a wine sauce several years ago and it is nowhere near as yummy now. I will also now miss the profiteroles from LeBistro, which were absolutely my favorite dish on NCL, and have now been removed from the menu. 😞
  2. Couldn't you just get one test a day or two before you embark? Wouldn't that cover the two different requirements (within 4 days of arrival in Bermuda, and within 72 hours for NCL's requirement)? The Bermuda test is required to be "within" 4 days. It does not have to be "4 days out."
  3. I do the same. Not only is it nice to come home to a super clean house, but IF (God forbid) the house is broken into, the crime scene photos will show a clean house!
  4. Once on a car trip in the early days of our marriage, DH and I were stuck in a boring motel with nothing but Cheez-its and red wine. Now we celebrate the night before the cruise in the port hotel (although a much nicer hotel nowadays) with a box of Cheez-its and a bottle of red wine. Don't judge. 😉
  5. The way they are currently doing it for land-based vacations in Bermuda, you are tested immediately upon arrival. Then you must go directly to your hotel and stay there until you receive your test results by email. The results don't arrive in your email box until the next morning. After that, you will receive an email from the Bermuda government when your next tests are due (every 4 days).
  6. It's actually disruptive to others when people use the balconies as a passageway to get from one cabin to another. It greatly increases noise and commotion for passengers whose balconies are nearby. I say this as someone who was also disappointed to discover the "new" policy when we were on a cruise with another couple. (We didn't want to use the balconies as a passageway, but rather to sit together and experience the view.)
  7. Totally agree about Teppanyaki. The first time we went (years ago) it was fun, and a little loud but the food was good. The last two times we went, it was SO LOUD I couldn't wait to get out of there. You couldn't even hear what was going on at your own table. Food wasn't as good, either. I probably won't go there again.
  8. I always order the sole. Delicious! And I second the opinion on the loss of the profiteroles, my favorite dish on NCL. But replacing that with "assorted ice cream"? Pretty sad, IMO.
  9. I am SO disappointed to see they have removed the profiteroles (cream puffs filled with ice cream and covered with chocolate sauce)! Those were my absolute favorite dish on NCL. We went to Le Bistro twice each cruise just to get that for dessert. Assorted ice cream? Pathetic replacement. 😞
  10. One annoying thing about people leaving their balcony doors open is that when I am sitting out on my balcony, I can hear their TV, or hear them yelling to each other from inside their cabin out to their own balcony, or to someone in the shower. Not very relaxing.
  11. If you're coughing, you should probably avoid friends and work anyway. Even if it's just a cold, who wants to catch someone's cold?
  12. Cruise lines will always book excursions for every day they can. It's a huge revenue source for them. If there are none listed right now, it's probably because they are still negotiating with excursion vendors and maybe even the Bermuda government. I've taken cruises to Bermuda pre-covid, and there were always excursions offered. However, as someone who has now been to Bermuda several times by sea and on land-based vacations (I just returned from a 10-day trip to Bermuda a few days ago), I would advise you to skip the excursions (if you're allowed to), and just do your planning yourself. The island is REALLY small. You can drive the entire length of the island in a car in a little more than an hour. The bus system is very easy to use and the locals are extremely friendly and helpful. It's a fairly short bus ride to any of a number of beautiful beaches, or you can take longer bus rides to Hamilton, the Crystal Caves, Swizzle Inn, etc. You could also take a ferry from the dockyard to Hamilton or to St. Georges. One caveat is that the line for the first buses and ferry on the first day can be very long. Get off the ship the earliest you can to beat the line. You can learn a lot more about this on the Bermuda message board under Ports of Call: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/118-bermuda/ Finally, other options for getting around Bermuda are car rentals (of course), scooter rentals (very popular) or your could rent a Twizy. A Twizy is a tiny two-person tandem electric car. They are small with no trunk or storage, but we were able to carry snorkel gear, towels, a beach tent, and a cooler! Here we are in our Twizy:
  13. How do you get a PCC? I've always just called the reservations desk and set up the cruise with whomever answers. Is there some special program you sign up for to get assigned to a PCC?
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