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  1. Great thank you so much this is just the info I was looking for
  2. Ok great thanks. I know less sugar for sure and to have lower carbs so as not to have a sugar spike...I knew princess had the sugar free desserts but not being a drinker couldn't help with what princess had...normally just do water and tea.
  3. Hi Pam...do you know or remember if they offer sugar free mocktails...asking for a friend that has the pkg but was just diagnosed with diabetes and they are wondering if princess has any...
  4. Very welcome. We have seen this a couple times when sailing with friends. Once in Houston are group of 4 had same type of cabin on the ship right next to each other but at the hotel through princess while our hotel rooms were both standard queen beds and our cruises were linked we were on one floor and our friends on another. I would think princess would buy/reserve out a certain floor but perhaps it is just random draw when we check in. The Frontenac and Quebec is amazing you will have a fabulous time! Word of caution either have princess put you in the taxi and hand the ticket to the driver or if they just direct you to the taxis with their little slip from princess make sure that driver will accept it. Ours did not and we had to pay the driver and then get princess to reimburse with OBC. It was a nightmare. if you have time for breakfast make sure to try 1640 Bistro...it is right across the street from the chateau located under the Auberge hotel (sp?) it has a red awning...lovely breakfast and ambiance.
  5. We booked our Classic Canada/NE cruise in 12/3/15 for sailing in October 2017. So hopefully this December 2021 it should open.
  6. We always book an interior for the most part and we love the sideways ones. It feels roomier with the layout...you do either have to be together or have some way to notify your significant other if you are sleeping or dressing in the main bedroom area as the door does open right onto it either shining light or exposing your partner. But there is a pretty decent area leading to the bathroom that is blocked by the wall where the desk and tv are at. I have pics on the Regal princess if you are on a Royal class ship and if on an older ship I have pics on the Caribbean and Crown in the sideways. I also have pics of the standard inside for Caribbean in my shutterfly pics ..the link is in my signature below
  7. We sailed 2 years ago with friends...we were on floor 7 or 9 facing the interior courtyard with windows in the hallway looking at the water...our friends had a room further up on floor 12 or something overlooking the little area/park between the Frontenac and Auberge hotel. They were kept awake with music and such going on at night there and we were not. They had a standard queen bed set up just like us just higher up with a different view. Not sure how the rooms are assigned. They had a mini suite on the cruise and we had an interior...
  8. We were on the Caribbean Princess. We had never been to breakfast and had not planned on it so I didn't read up on the rules of the MDR etiquette or dress code for breakfasts. So when we attempted to get in and they said no he was against dress code we certainly were not going to argue and didn't want to cause a big scene as we were with friends, he himself had a collared polo and slacks on....but he always dressed that way and they were not going to lay out on the deck so I didn't think anything about what DH was wearing. Again we didn't want to cause a scene and figured those were the rules as those were the rules at night so he went and changed to follow the rules. Now apparently that is not the rules but as stated we didn't want to cause a scene and figured it was appropriate for eating in the MDR and went along with it...but in the end didn't care for the length of time it took to eat the breakfast so we now just do buffet or IC. We don't mind the drawn out dinners to close out the day and chit chat and what not...but in the am we wanted to get going with our sun time before some of the other events we wanted to partake in started...as it turned out that day we didn't get much sun time. So now it doesn't matter to us as we just don't use that as an option. I just thought it wrong for someone to state if you wanted to personalize your omelet to go to the sit down breakfast. What if that is all someone wanted was an egg white omelet or whatever...they had to go sit in the MDR...when so many other ships offer the omelet station in the princess fleet.
  9. All dh brought with him was a regular blank tee, tanks for port days and on deck and Hawaiian shirts for casual dinner and his undershirt and formal night shirt...I couldn't believe that they turned him away in a plain green tee...so in order to eat breakfast he only had 1 of the Hawaiian shirts to toss on...perhaps we could try again different ship different staff but we also didn't like the drawn out affair we wanted to get on with our day so now we just don't try
  10. yup we went in one time I had on a tank and shorts as we were going out to the deck after breakfast, and DH had on a t-shirt and shorts and they wouldn't let him in...he had to go back to get the hawaiin shirt he wore the night before at dinner. We would have just left but were dining with friends and he already had sun tan lotion on his arms and didn't want to get it on a clean shirt he was going to wear on the cruise so he ran back and put on the old shirt. Ever since then we have not done MDR for breakfast. But oddly I was allowed in with a tank, shorts and flip flops with my swim suit underneath...thought it was odd that they didn't make me change too.
  11. some don't want to take the time for the full sit down breakfast in the MDR and DH only dresses for dinner and does not want to change into a collared shirt to get breakfast then go back and change into his tank and shorts to go lay out on the deck......so the buffet wins for both of those issues. We also like to get our breakfast and take it to our seats (not saved) and lay out and nibble while we read, relax and what not.
  12. hmm that could be...or perhaps they are just moving down the line and since they just recently pulled her over to Australia maybe they are just now getting to those other Tahiti cruises as I thought I had read she was going to be home based in Tahiti...until the Cuba thing blew up and she was moved to Australia
  13. I know that they canceled the ones in late 2019 and early 2020. Believe it was because she was to sail Cuba but when travel there was halted by Pres Princess took the Pacific Princess to Australia and believe that is where she is going to be home ported.......we were one of the ones who were on her that was canceled......so sad.
  14. Thanks yeah, we trust him. We were looking at viking or gate 1 as it was cheaper without the drinks since we didn't drink thought that would be an option and he was like oh no, he knows our budget he did suggest ama as an alternative based on price and amenities but said the decor might not be for us but price and other things were good we just couldn't get past the decor choices viking looks homey and comfy. But I do love to hear other ideas and opinions as we not have thought about something being our first time looking into river cruises.
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