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  1. Nope my April 9 2021 is still showing in my personalizer despite being canceled by princess months ago.
  2. I would still checkback...you dont know how many may have booked as a backup to 2021 so some of those cabins may become available....
  3. Sapphire has the skywalkers which during the day is a nice lookout spot to quietly read and see the beautiful scenery from up above and at night if you are into it becomes the dancing spot. While the skywalkers is pushed back closer to the stacks and not out like the shopping cart handle like the caribbean it still gives nice indoor views of the surrounding area. We are on the sapphire in 2022
  4. Hmm wonder if some TAs blocked stuff...I woke up at midnight to book ours as we were to celebrate our 20 yr anniv and do a vow renewal this June...til covid. So we were going big and doing an aft suite with friends connecting in the aft balcony next to us...so we wanted a particular set of cabins...right at midnight prices popped up and I booked and went back to sleep. This am when I got up at 4am for work there was still our backup options there. But we are doing June with a 5 day land tour before the cruise.
  5. We booked the 12 day Connoisseur starting June 13 on the Sapphire..maybe we will see you odie1024! This is the redo of the June we had planned this year on the Grand. We had to move our vow renewal as well.
  6. OMG THANK YOU! Would you or anyone by chance have the excel sheet showing pricing?
  7. This is sad...I want everyone to be safe but I do hope you open soon as well. The money brought in I am sure is missed...we are hoping to spend some there in April 2021 with a coastal/repo cruise. We sat here and thought of scenarios of what we would do if ship said only ship tours, then what if Canada made us quarantine upon arrival.....we sadly did not think...what if Canada just wont let us in...so now I am looking for other alternatives. Already have a Mexico cruise booked in October 2021 to make up for canceled 2020 cruises sorta...now have to think what if the April is Canceled as it
  8. would love Alaska cruise tours for 2022 when they come out...please and thanks
  9. i booked our 2020 alaska cruiestour in November of 2018 or at least had the early release info by early November as i have emails with our cruise group and TA discussing how we were going to ump on it as soon as it posted to the princess site
  10. Bummer...guess we will have to depend on those that i think are agents on here to put them up...just as they were getting ready for hopefully Alaska 2022. We had our big vow renewal one for 2020 canceled...covid...so i was hoping to be able to see when it opened for 2022 so i could try to grab exactly what we had last time or at least as close as possible. Now i will keep my eyes peeled for the posts on here and hope for the best........
  11. I just tried to go to the website where I was able to pull the info myself for upcoming releases...looks like it has changed and now you have to be a registered agency to get this info...boo...unless i am missing something...??
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