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  1. well that is sad....poor customer service on their part...i would have said do you not want a job if we all went to the app for everything she might not be needed.....
  2. Hmm we sail on 10/16/21 on the Majestic for a Mexican Riviera and they have sent us nothing on any delays or slow downs....will look into this on my side.
  3. Sweet we are doing it formal night so as not to have to dress for dinner to try it out and then may hit the buffet of still hungry but heard it can be a lot of food 😋
  4. Hi don't believe I saw this asked anywhere...for afternoon tea, do you have to dress as you would for dinner in the MDR or can we go in tank or tee and shorts?
  5. Ok thanks for asking...I will figure something out for my little memory book I do...guess it is bingo and shopping to spend the obc..oh what a shame..lol
  6. It was quite smoky here last night in San Diego so yeah either a fire or the N Cal fires smoke is being pushed down here. We didn't see anything on the news yesterday or this am. If you happen to pass the photo area and see if they show any pics in the ports that would be great but I know you are on vacay so do enjoy and thanks for the response.
  7. on the princess site under the protocols section https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/us-cruises/ We recommend guests wash or replace their mask daily and choose a good quality double-layer cloth or medical-grade mask. Please note that visors and face shields will not be accepted as a substitute for a face mask. Are face shields classed as a mask? No. Masks should have two or more layers and be worn over the nose and mouth. Gaiters and bandanas are not allowed. Face shields are only permitted when used in addition to a mask.
  8. OH no I hope nothing is too wrong with the ship...safe travels and take care of her we are to be on her in 2023...hopefully this 3rd time will work for us
  9. We will be on the Majestic out of LA on 10/16 so can't wait to hear how boarding and what not goes from LA on your sailing. If you have time would love to know if they are doing embarkation photos out of LA...I know they are not doing them currently on the Alaska voyages....have a great time.
  10. Curious if they are doing embarkation photos yet?
  11. Oh no that's sooo sad. Not that I want any moose abandoned but maybe he will be able to help another one like he did Karen not that she can be replaced in his heart.
  12. @KLM3164 OMG that it is soooo cute we really can't wait for ours..too bad we just had to move from 2022 to 2023 cause princess is redploying the ship we were on and didn't care for the replacement ship but love the photos Thanks so much
  13. @KLM3164 omg thank you we have this tour planned so amazing. Did he still have the moose as well?
  14. I used the logo paper as a template to create my own. The writing is so tiny on the medallions so I used the logo paper and used it as a template to make one in purple for me and one in green for my DH on our last cruise. that way we just picked up our color instead of having to read the writing on it. I have a single hole puncher so i punched a hole in the center and then cut up to the line i had drawn as the hole in the center....after I finished mine DH comes up with hey will this work and whips out an exacto knife which made a nice cleaner cut line as I followed it around the circle i had drawn.
  15. @geoherb thanks for the info probably won't get all done up to board the ship as we ususally do the embarkation photos as I use them as my front and back of my memory book
  16. @geoherb did they do embarkation or port photos this cruise. I know previously princess wasn't.
  17. Oh no I hope they are all right. Was this a princess excursion or on their own excursion if they said.
  18. Thanks....how about on this sailing? Green screens..good to know I have some green outfits and that went awry on one of the embark photos...used to be a pic so I showed up in a green tee.... i was a floating head....lol
  19. Are they still not doing embarkation photos or port photos?
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