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  1. cj2864

    Which is your favorite ship?

    Inspiration.....My first cruise and obviously, it has inspired me to sail again and again.
  2. cj2864

    Attention Sovereign fans-

    My first RC experience was on the Sovereign too. My family was on the Monarch in December '08. Liked Monarch so much, I cruised on her again in February '09. Everything about this ship is wonderful. You will enjoy the Monarch!
  3. cj2864

    I don't know where to go!!

    When choosing our first cruise, we contacted a TA. The TA suggested going out of Tampa on the Inspiration on a 4 day cruise. This way we had the opportunity to enjoy the ship and there was only one port of call which was Cozumel. Also, we were not sure if we would like cruising so this allowed us to "test the waters" so to speak. I would also recommend Bermuda since you would have several sea days. Of course, we loved cruising and we are going on our 6th cruise next month in less than 2 1/2 years. :)
  4. cj2864

    7 Day Bermuda Cruises??

    I don't know how soon you want to cruise but i found a 7 day out of Charleston, SC on April 19 and April 26, 2008 on Majesty.
  5. Can anyone give me information about cabins #2201 and #2207 on Carnival Triumph or any other Carnival Line? Thanks :) [COLOR=blue]*****************************[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]12/05 Inspiration[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]4/06 Fantasy[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]12/06 Elation[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]7/07 Liberty[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]12/07 Sovereign of Seas[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Upcoming cruise:[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]12/08 Fascination[/COLOR]
  6. Has anyone booked cabin #2201 or #2207 on Carnival Triumph or on any Carnival line? Can you give me some information (good or bad) about these rooms? Thanks! *************************** 12/05 Carnival Inspiration 4/06 Carnival Fantasy 12/06 Carnival Elation 7/07 Carnival Liberty 12/07 RCCL Sovereign of the Seas Upcoming cruises: 12/08 Carnival Fascination
  7. Do the actual date! It is warm in the Bahamas and/or Caribbean during the winter months. I have been twice during this time and the weather was beautiful.
  8. Great review. Can you tell me which nights were formal on this cruise? Thanks!
  9. cj2864

    switching names/rooms when checking in ?

    We also have booked like this before to get a cheaper price. When we get on the ship, we just switch rooms to sleep as we wish. We have never told them when checking in that we were going to do it. When you check in, just use your credit card or cash for sail & sign card for your daughter who will be rooming with your mom. Hope this helps! :)
  10. cj2864

    Cruise Critic at Work?

    Guilty, and do it every chance I get @ work. Who can go a day without CC???