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    Holiday 1/24 sailing hit with the Noro virus

    I too was on the holiday 1/19-1/24 sailing. My husband, my sisterinlaw, and myself all became sick with this virus. My husband became sick the last morning as we were leaving, then my sisterinlaw the next day, then myself the next day. We had no idea there were any problems on ship with people becoming ill with this virus. Let me tell you, this is one virus I never want again!!! It has lasted me 7 days. I ended up in the emergency room, because of dehydration, and not able to keep my medecine down I needed for my ms. Then went back to dr 3 days later. Finally I will be returning to work tomorrow for the first time since returning from our cruise. This was our first cruise. Had a wonderful time for the most part. We also encountered the rusty water and smell. Even worse, we had very little water pressure in our shower!!! We were not the only ones with this problem. We visited with other people that were staying on our deck, but not close to our cabin that had the same problem. My husband came back on ship the day we were in Cozumel after he had been snorkeling to shower and eat. He said there were many people working in the halls with the ceiling tiles down,getting to the water pipes. I can tell you it did not help our water pressure.:(