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  1. Just came off Explorer and it was offered here I think it was day 5 or 6!
  2. I was just on Explorer and had the surf and stream. It was horrible never really worked much at all extremely slow to stream anything at all. . One day I think it was the last sea day it was totally down for a bit. Royal should be ashamed to offer that service to guests just not good at all !
  3. Didn’t take much pics just these on the 1st formal night.
  4. Sorry I am not sure of the singers . The band you mentioned does not sound familiar . The comedian was Jackson Perdue and he was good but very x-rated. The magician was Farrell Dillon he was just OK in my view
  5. Yes the 10 drink card was offered I believe on day 6 or so at a price for $75 plus the 18% gratuity . I don’t know what the price for Bingo was but did see it on the cruise compass.
  6. Sorry I did not but did pass through it quite a bit and it was always crowded.
  7. For me it was decent not a ton of people but enough and everyone enjoyed themselves for a time. I didn’t stay any night past 1 am for the most I was gone by 12:30am or so.
  8. I just returned home after an amazing 9 night cruise on Explorer. I was extremely concerned as I read reviews just prior to my sailing on Jan 10th but I must say this cruise, ship and staged were outstanding.. First embarkment was a disaster but I found out from the loyalty ambassador on the cruise that the delay was due to a couple not leaving the ship when they were supposed to 😔. I arrived at the port around 10:15 or so. Check in was a breeze and I really liked it however the wait to board was horrible .we were told that boarding would start no later than 11:15 or so we’ll it didn’t start until after noon and there was no direction from Royal people just started walking out the waiting room in no order. Very disappointing. the cruise on the whole was amazing ! Cabin Attendant Oswald huge shout out to him he was amazing and efficient and always had our room cleaned and was helpful with everything . Our head Waiter, waiter Nevil and assistant waiter Adrian was outstanding with the service they provided. The food I thought was great both in the MDR and Winjammer I am not a foodie and thought it was good maybe there might have been a meal that wasn’t that great but that was it. I didn’t do any speciality Dinning. I attended most of the shows and enjoyed them also I did go frequently to Dizzy’s the nightclub and my husband and I love to dance even though we are in our fifties.😀 Did self Disembarkment as my flight was at 11:30am out of Fort Lauderdale . It was OK waited a little in the line but customs was a breeze. The ship rocked a lot as it was windy. Very very rough seas all the way from Labadee to Aruba . All the ports were amazing !!! Overall the cruise was fantastic enjoyed every moment can’t wait for the next one!
  9. I will doing a similar flight from FLL and getting off Explorer in about two weeks and wanted to know what prearranged transportation you will recommend. Is SAS transportation recommended ?I had used them several years ago and they were good. Thanks for your advise .
  10. Appreciate all the information you provided to us so we know what to expect . Could you let me know if the ship got back to Miami this morning at 7am? Just want to make it was on time as I will be trying to catch a 11:30am flight from ft Lauderdale upon my return . Thank you
  11. Is there a limit as to how many bottles of water they will give you each time you ask, or per day? I'm assuming there is no limit but wanted to be sure . Thank you .
  12. Thanks for the honest reviews .Was the drink card offered so far?
  13. So excited for you !! Love how much details you are giving us. Can't wait t see pics when you get on tomorrow !
  14. Thanks again for the additional information. I do plan to go to the beaches so I will make sure to take our water shoes. I visited all those islands last year on Adventure and enjoyed them. I understand your statements with the food, neither am I a Foodie so I will be thankful too. 🙂 However, when something does not taste good period you have to say something. That's how I feel 🙂 🙂 I am sure Symphony will definitively be a different experience for the better !!
  15. Thanks so much for the update on Explorer. I will getting on her early in Jan and appreciate the update. I am assuming you were on the nine day itinerary correct? Did they offer the drink card by any chance? Do you happen to have any of the criuse compasses to share? Thanks again for the report.
  16. Thank you so much for doing this. I will be on this same itinerary on January 10th . Would absolutely love if you could post to Cruise Compasses and advise if the drink card was offered for your cruise.
  17. I'm sailing on Explorer nine night on Jan 10th and that DBP just dropped from $55 to $51. The refreshment package is now $19 the lowest I saw that was $21 so definitely prices are dropping already . Just wish the DBP will drop to at least $39 😉:
  18. Are you allowed to buy only one refreshment package if there are two adults in a room? Thanks
  19. Thanks, I’ll just sign up for service that day through my cell phone company .
  20. Does anyone know if there is somewhere at Labadee where you can get Wifi? I will be there in Jan 2020 and would like to be able to send a few text messages . thanks
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