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  1. Bvillemom3

    Homewood Suites Miami

    we are staying there in 5 days and I will let you know when we get back on Sept 2nd. When are you going? The web site looks nice! but, why would'nt it? They're not going to put bad pics on the site! I hope.
  2. Bvillemom3

    Stolen Items While On Board?

    You Sir, are exactly what I want my children to become as adults! me to! Honest!
  3. Bvillemom3

    Glass Bottom Boats in Naussua

    We are planning to go on a Glass Bottom Boat while in naussa. I say to wait till we get there and book it ourselves to save $ DH says just do it now and be done with it. I am figureing that they're a dime a dozen there. what's up we're going Aug 27
  4. Bvillemom3

    Imagination Ship

    We are going on the Imagination in last Aug too! We are leaving on Aug 27th my DH, and 3 yes I said 3 kids! Hope that your on the same ship!
  5. Bvillemom3

    How do you get from the Airport to port.

    We are flying into Miami and staying at the Embassay Sueits. Thank you all for your help!!
  6. Are there any FREE shuttles from the airport to the port or from our Hotel to the port. How would we fine out? We have 5 with us. 3 kids 2 adults.
  7. Bvillemom3

    luggage tags

    Thank you to all that cleared up the luggage tag questions! that helped a lot.
  8. Bvillemom3

    Luggage Tags

    What are these luggage tags that I hear about? Are they just the old tags that come with the luggage that you buy?
  9. Bvillemom3

    luggage tags

    We don't sail for a month and a half. but, I am reading about luggage tags what are they and are they just the name tags that are on your luggage?
  10. Bvillemom3

    Children at Camp while you go to port

    Is that even allowed? If it is I would be all over that!! We have 3 kids 16, 13, and 10 and We want to do things that they have no intrest in doing!!
  11. Bvillemom3

    Passports not here yet!!

    We are leaving on our first cruise in Aug. and still don't have our passports. We also don't have out birth certs. because we sent them in when we applyed for our passports. What happens if we don't get anything back by the time we leave?:eek:
  12. We are going on our first cruise in August on the Imagination. I have heard that you can bring beverages on board ie.. wine and hard liquor. can anyone help me with this? Is this true?:confused: