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  1. Pam in CA

    The Royal Should Do Well in The West

    I’m booked on two cruises B2B on the Royal this Spring. Checked pricing on my cruises under the current promotion: one cruise would be $100 more, the other $1,000 more. Prices are definitely going up, even with a “sale.” I initially booked with the 1$ deposit promotion. Months later re-booked under Sip & Sail: for $100 more, upgraded from an inside to a balcony plus $300 OBC/cruise ($600 total not including TA, shareholder and loyalty OBC) as I opted for OBC instead of the drinks.
  2. Pam in CA

    Change suitemates after final payment?

    There’s a charge to change the name of a passenger after final payment. It used to be $50; don’t know if it still is.
  3. Pam in CA

    Sanctuary Tipping

    I don’t tip a set amount extra. It really depends on the staff. I get the “Soda & More” package on cruises. I’ve had experiences in the Sanctuary where the attendants ignored me for the whole day until tea time and I’ve had to chase them if I wanted a drink refill. And, I’ve had attendants who constantly monitored whether I needed/wanted a refill without bothering me, just bringing it. I like my lounger set up with a pillow, extra towel and depending on the weather, a blanket. Sometimes, I have to make the request every single day, others, my lounger is set up with my preferences when I get there in the morning. One of the best Sanctuary staff I’ve had in recent years was on the Ruby over Thanksgiving. I gave a $20 tip at the end even though I’d booked the Sanctuary 3 ½ days and not the whole cruise. They were outstanding.
  4. Pam in CA

    Sanctuary Tipping

    I often book the Sanctuary and like everything else, tip extra if I think they’ve gone above and beyond. For instance, a few years ago I took a Panama Canal cruise from LA to FLL on the Island Princess. There were several rainy days. The attendants encouraged the few of us who booked for the cruise to use the cabanas. They brought us beverages, afternoon tea, etc. while we enjoyed the cabana, TV, etc. They had huge golf umbrellas and walked me all the way to the elevator. I tipped extra.
  5. Pam in CA

    Platinum internet minutes

    You can always sign in and use your husband’s minutes unless he’s planning to use all of them himself.
  6. Pam in CA

    Can I book this b2b?

    As long as you embark and eventually disembark (doesn’t matter how many B2B’s) at the same US port, you’re fine. No violation of the PVSA.
  7. Pam in CA

    Horizon Court Royal Class vs Grand Class

    The difference is night and day. The Royal Class Horizon Court and Horizon Bistro is the Grand Class buffet on steroids. Huge, massive, 2-3x the options, much better layout, etc. With the layout, there’s a chef behind each station which means constant refreshing rather than containers running out and staff having to go back to the kitchen for more. Far more freshly prepared options, made-to-order, large salad bars, taco bar, etc.
  8. Pam in CA

    New Policy from Princess

    Like some others, I always book with a TA rather than directly as I prefer to save money, sometimes lots of money, and get extra OBC. So, the new policy doesn’t affect me. But many book directly and then check pricing with several TAs. You can save 10% or more if you find a good, high volume TA over anything offered by booking directly even with a Princess Cruise Planner.
  9. Pam in CA

    Medallion - more nitty-gritty & timing questions

    Highly unlikely the Medallion will be implemented on the Ruby by your cruise. The Ruby has tablets outside the cabin door and you press your cruise card against it to open your cabin door. Below is a photo. The Regal has the Medallion and you’ll have it on your cruise. It comes with a holder but you can put it in your pocket or in a pouch.
  10. Pam in CA

    Special Dietary Requirments - Cruising with "SIBO"

    While it doesn’t feel reassuring, Princess does a great job of preparing and serving dishes to order based on your dietary needs. The Maitre d’ will be available from about 1-2:30 pm to talk to. The time and place will be posted in the “Welcome aboard” Patter in your cabin on embarkation day. You can also call or stop by the Passenger Services Desk. They will have the information of where he’ll be.
  11. Pam in CA

    New Policy from Princess

    Several threads on the new policy since it was implemented a month ago. What is new is the 1x transfer to TA option through the end of the year. I don’t know if that’s for all TAs or just the TA that sent out the email. The TAs were blindsided by the new policy and there were a lot of upset passengers and TAs. Princess was adamant “no exceptions” but apparently, they’ve modified it.
  12. Pam in CA

    Club Soda with Lime - Soda Package?

    I don’t see why not. The “Soda & More” package includes non-alcoholic drinks which includes club soda. Lime would be just a garnish.
  13. Pam in CA

    Free internet minutes?

    I don’t remember but I know from previous cruises that it’s incremental and worth it to add them once onboard and logging in. If you pre-purchase, you’re paying the full price and don’t get any credit for it other than you can use it when your free minutes run out. Much better to get the addition to your Platinum/Elite package. Now, that’s based on the pre-Medallion packages. Have no clue when it comes to the Medallion packages.
  14. Pam in CA

    Wheelchair accessible lift to the sanctuary deck?

    The Grand, Golden and Star do not. I didn’t check them all. The Emerald does. Check the deck plans. There should be an icon for an ADA lift. This is the Emerald Princess:
  15. Pam in CA

    Can we bring drone onto ship?

    And even professionals playing by the rules have accidents. There is never a guarantee.