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  1. According to a well-known Entertainment Director, Carnival Corporation constitutes almost 50% of the mass cruise industry. Combining loyalty programs would be an anti-trust violation. P&O owned Princess before being bought by Carnival Corporation. Once P&O was purchased, the two lines became separate entities. Because they were once the same company, loyalty was reciprocated for years.
  2. Canceled: 3/13/20 Cruise: Royal Princess 4/18/20 Mexican Riviera Requested: FCC (100 + 50%) Received: 6/1/20 Applied to 10/24/20 Mexican Riviera cruise on the Royal
  3. As said, Carnival Cruise Lines doesn’t own nor is the parent company. Carnival Corporation is and if the corporation’s policy is doctor’s note or chronic condition, it would affect not only Princess but HAL, Cunard and Seaborne which tend to have older demographics.
  4. Seems to me that as a TA, you’d have a lot of experience with people canceling their cruise and EZAir after final payment and before the non-refundable date. What has happened with your other clients? How was it handled before this pandemic?
  5. According to MarineTraffic, she’s due in LA tomorrow (Monday) at 5:30am. The Mercy is at pier 93 so she’ll probably dock at pier 92.
  6. Actually it, does make a difference. Every cruise credit counts towards the Loyalty OBC. That extra OBC on every cruise regardless of length makes a difference. I get an extra $100 on every cruise. The Loyalty Credit is with the 21st, 32nd, 42nd and 52nd cruise credits for $25, $50, $75 and $100 respectively. It's based on the # of cruise credits, not the # of cruises, and applies to a cruise of any length. 20 - 31 cruise credits $25 onboard cabin credit 32 - 41 cruise credits $50 onboard cabin credit 42 - 51 cruise credits $75 onboard cabin credit 52nd cruise credits $100 onboard cabin credit
  7. One thing to consider when booking a B2B as one cruise is that if there is a fare change on one of the segments, you can’t re-book at the lower fare. One segment might be eligible for one promotion and not another. Three years ago, I booked a B2B as two separate 7-day cruises with a $1 deposit. A few months later, I got the “Sip ‘n Sail” promotion and was able to get $300/cruise segment for $600 instead of the beverage package. I also got a lower fare on each. A year later came the “3 For Free” promotion. One cruise segment was re-fared for $600 less although I lost the $300 OBC but I got the gratuities so I came out ahead. The second cruise segment fare wouldn’t have changed so I left it as is. At the end, I paid a lot less for both cruises and got a lot of OBC. I think my final folio bill was @ $12. So, consider all of the possibilities when deciding whether to book a B2B as one or multiple bookings.
  8. On ships that had or have cases of COVID-19 onboard, all of the soft goods are being either replaced or washed in super hot water. Affected cabins will be thoroughly disinfected. On the Diamond, even before it was disinfected, they found traces of virus on the ship and the media reported that. What the media didn’t report is that the traces weren’t active. They were dead. This is from the New England Journal of Medicine:
  9. I’ve stayed at a number of different hotels in the 17th Street area. Not a big fan of the Renaissance since if you have a car rental, it’s expensive to park. Breakfast isn’t included so that’s another expense. Liked Hyatt Place... large suite-like rooms and includes breakfast. When I was there in January, I spent a few days pre-cruise so I had a rental car. My friend and I booked a 3-bedroom, 2-bath AirBnB that was about $150/night including tax, cleaning fee, etc. (the week before the Super Bowl when hotel prices were doubled.) It was between the airport and the port, lots of restaurants and stores nearby. I’d certainly consider it again if I were staying longer than an overnight.
  10. A day or so ago, before the CDC announced the ban on cruising until July 15th, Carnival announced that the first ships to commence sailing would have a reduced passenger capacity so I think that’s likely at first. I’d like to see hand washing stations at each entrance to the buffet. I personally hate the HAL buffet where you have to wait in a line for someone to serve you... it takes a lot longer and often, the first food gets cold while you’re getting the rest. Not sure how to compromise on that. I can see everyone’s temperature being taken at embarkation. Perhaps random testing during the cruise. I’m allergic to hand sanitizer and most wipes (I can use Clorox wipes) so I can’t use them (I’ve been chased by passengers in the buffet and berated/screamed at for ruining their cruise for not using the sanitizer) plus they are marginally effective. They do little for Norovirus or COVID-19. It’s a fine line between treating passengers like children and expecting them to be adults and responsible. Pretty sure there’ll be a lot more cabin and public space cleaning. I can also see staff in the buffet required to wear masks and gloves when near food. I think you’ll see more passengers wearing gloves in the buffet. Maybe require passengers to wear gloves there.
  11. Thanks. 🙂 You never know. I’m cruising again next month and haven’t any plans to cancel. I agree with you about boarding the ship. Once I’m over the gangway, I’m in my “happy place.” Love being onboard a ship.
  12. Thanks, Patti. 🙂 I'm tending to not take big/long cruises but still have several cruises booked. Often cruised with my sister, Nancy, but she passed away a year ago. 😓
  13. Ships have lightning rods which means that they rarely experience a direct lightning hit. It’s pretty unusual. Last I read, the Sapphire was still anchored waiting for the navigation and communication systems to be restored. They cannot sail or approach a port without navigation or communication.
  14. Thank you all for the very kind words and thoughts. I’m alive and well... just busy and not spending as much time on CC. I’m now President of a women’s service organization which has kept me on my toes. So many of you give such great answers to questions that I don’t feel the need to add to them. I prefer to provide additional information where I can. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. I’m off on the Sky in about three weeks with a group of friends. 🙂 As for Toto, she’s well, too. One of the reasons she left cruising (besides being hounded on that last cruise) was to spend more time with her husband and family, and to care for their farm and rental properties. He’s had some issues related to aging (which happens to us all) that’s made cruising and being with people more difficult.
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