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  1. Aww... Tony. Thanks. Next time I’m in the Boston area, would love to get together. (Have no current plans but ya never know.)
  2. Yes. This is on the Royal. I think the cabin was C323. Lots of storage. Definitely let’s get together soon. I’m meeting friends for dinner Saturday night at the Mess Hall Market in Tustin at 7pm. You’re welcome to join us.
  3. One of my favorites is the Key West Cooler which is far less sugary or sweet but refreshing. If they could make it with Sprite Zero, that might be OK. I don’t know what a diabetic is allowed or not. 😞 It’s worth asking or checking. https://thestayathomechef.com/key-west-cooler-mocktail/
  4. I wear a dress I bought for $29 (new) that is lightweight, stretchable, super comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle, and a shawl ($10 decades ago off a stall in Florence) that pack together in a tiny packing cube. You can be comfortable and not spend a fortune.
  5. Once onboard, you can swap people around without any problem. Just go to the Passenger Services Desk. If a cabin sleeps three, that means there are just three beds. They can put a cot in the cabin but it’ll be small, you’ll have literally no space and it’ll be very cramped. Not recommended.
  6. You use the OceanReady app or go to ocean.com to complete the request for the a Medallion. If two people are on the same booking, it can be completed for both. Medallions are shipped (mine came 2-day by FedEx) to the passenger’s address in their Personalizer. Doesn’t matter who paid for the cruise or who’s sailing with you. Each person fills out their Personalizer and the OceanReady app completely the request for the Medallion. You can also pick it up at the pier.
  7. The Princess Captain’s Circle loyalty program is based on either the number of days sailed (onboard and completed) or cruise credits. Either/or. FYI, it is not based on the number of cruises since as a single, you pay double fare and get two cruise credits. Book a full suite double occupancy and you each get two cruise credits. Book a full suite as a single and you get three cruise credits.
  8. No matter how you book a cruise, if it’s also sold in segments, you get a cruise credit for each segment. If it’s not posted to your Captain’s Circle account, just check with the Captain’s Circle host or call Princess. I recently sailed a B2B on the Royal. Booked as two separate cruises, which was a good thing because one cruise dropped significantly in price and I was able to take advantage of that. Each cruise was booked with a different promotion. When I boarded, my Medallion had my original boarding and final disembarkation date as though it was one cruise. I got two mini-bar set-ups, which you also get for each segment no matter how you booked it. And when I logged into the Internet, I was given only 250 days as though I’d booked a 14-day cruise. Went to the Internet Cafe and that was increased to 300 minutes (150 minutes for each cruise.) My onboard folio rolled over between cruises and the significant OBC I had for my 2nd cruise was credited so at the end of both cruises, I had very little final payment.
  9. Maybe it’s not many but I bought my first 100 shares years ago at about $23 and have since bought substantially more as a “position.” I’ve done very well between the dividends and stock price increase. Buying stock is always a gamble and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I think the current price dip is due to the recent environmental fines publicity. The stock dipped after the Concordia accident and recovered nicely.
  10. I don’t remember any “chat” feature on OceanCompass. I thought that was just an interactive deck map. There are a number of features in OceanConcierge, including Contacts, messaging, shipboard folio, order breakfast room service, buy an FCC, etc. very similar to princess@sea. It would be weird to have messaging through two different apps but if you say it’s with OceanCompass, I guess so. Don't know if the messaging in OceanConcierge is limited to adults. This is OceanConcierge:
  11. Princess is “loading” itineraries into the system about 45 days before sailing. If others on your roll call aren’t having problems with OceanReady, then you should call Princess.
  12. I agree with you. My Irish grandmother influenced me to dislike (hate) Northern Ireland but politics and religion aside, I much prefer Belfast over Dublin. I found it far more interesting. I’ve traveled to the British Isles many times over the past sixty years by both land and sea and while a land tour gives you more time to explore, a cruise is a great way to see different areas and have a variety of adventures.
  13. I haven’t seen a “by the bag” laundry special on Princess in a long time. My guess is is that there are often so many Elite onboard most cruises (Elite get unlimited free laundry) that laundry services are stretched to the limit. It’s not unusual for laundry to take 3-4 days to be returned and I’ve seen as long as 8 days. On one of my recent cruises, a 7-day Mexican Riviera, the cut-off for the Most Traveled Lunch was over 630 days. That means there were a LOT of Elite onboard.
  14. I think what happens is that Princess actually books flights “X” number of days (30?) before your flight. It’s not X number of days before your return flight. I wouldn’t worry until it’s the X number of days before your return flight.
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