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  1. Pam in CA

    Pacific Princess’ fate?

    Intineraries later than April 2020 were just announced this morning. Up until today, there weren’t any itineraries later than then.
  2. Pam in CA

    Luggage labels

    Just print them out or do nothing. Doesn’t matter. If you still have no cabin assignment when you get to the pier, let the porter know and he will look it up, write a tag for you and attach it to your bag(s).
  3. Pam in CA

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    I have never seen my loyalty OBC in my Personalizer. It’s always been a card in my cabin notifying me of the credit.
  4. Pam in CA

    Ruby Princess pulls back into dock in San Pedro

    Usually, the ship sails out into international waters and does figure 8’s all night until it’s time to pull into Avalon. If sailing directly, it would take about an hour and a half at 18kts to sail from LA to Avalon. Not a big deal other than ports charges to the ship if it sails late. Princess will absorb the additional port charges.
  5. Pam in CA

    Missing Roll Call

    It’s hard to find roll calls if you’re used to a mobile app like Tapatalk that lists your subscribed threads on one page. I’ve had to create aliases to each of my roll calls which is a royal PITA.
  6. Pam in CA

    Dining Room Table Numbers

    They do change the size of the tabletops depending on table assignments. Every larger table can change from a 4-top to a larger table. The location of the tables doesn’t usually change.
  7. Pam in CA

    Are jackets really required for men?

    On my last several cruises, very few gentlemen did not wear a jacket or suit on formal night. There were a few but they really stood out.
  8. Pam in CA

    Regal Mistake

    I’ve been on two trans-Atlantic cruises on the Royal as well as a 10-day Caribbean cruise. I have two cruises booked on her next Spring. Food is very subjective and one person’s “Yum” is another’s “Yuck.” I love the Horizon Court and Horizon Bistro and have often chosen to eat dinner there rather than the dining room. None of the complaints or negatives bother me. There hasn’t been a full Promenade deck nor a covered pool on any new Princess ship in decades. I like that there are some nice seating areas on Promenade, Lido and Sun deck. Years ago, I was on the Golden from Buenos Aires to Santiago and I wound up sitting with some other ladies, who I didn’t know, in the buffet for lunch. We got to talking about the food and one of the ladies complained about the “weird” South American food in the dining room and buffet. Asking her to elaborate, she said, “You know, the weird food. Lamb.” Hated to tell her that lamb is very common in the US. The Royal is one of my favorite ships.
  9. Pam in CA

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I’ve seen dining times vary by that much but it’s been years. Once had late dining confirmed for 8:15pm. It was 7:30pm once I boarded.
  10. Pam in CA

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Dining times depend on the itinerary and Maitre d’. There never were standard Traditional dining times. They’ve always varied depending on the Maitre d.
  11. Pam in CA

    New Format - New Questions

    True but it’s not as fast and the font is much smaller when reading and posting using web view.
  12. Pam in CA

    unlimited internet packages for platinum passengers?

    Don’t pre-pay for a package if you are Platinum or Elite. You will not get any credit or your Platinum/Elite perk unless you also sign up for that in addition to your pre-paid Internet package. When you first log in as Platinum or Elite, you’ll be given the option of adding on to your Captain’s Circle perk.
  13. Pam in CA

    New Format - New Questions

    Can’t log in using Tapatalk. Looks like I have to use web view on my phone. What a pain.
  14. Pam in CA

    What??!! We're back.........

    Ugh... can’t log in using Tapatalk. Looks like I have to use web view instead. What a pain.