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  1. Not sure what to tell you. I’d booked an inside guarantee on the Sun with the Plus package and have now booked an inside guarantee on the Crown without the package and the price difference is huge (less.) Massive. Like the Crown is half the cost of the Sun would have been. I don’t spend time in my cabin so a balcony isn’t a “must.” I’ve never done a guarantee before so we’ll see what happens.
  2. I’m re-booked from the Sun Princess to the Crown Princess 7/3/21. The difference between the “Savers” and “Plus” is huge so the Plus isn’t worth it to me since I rarely drink and get the free WiFi anyway. Got specialty dining plus extra OBC.
  3. I agree. The law was passed to protect US shipping, which still very much exists. Cruising is relatively small compared to international shipping. Several years ago, Senator Inouye of Hawaii, whose wife happened to be a godmother for an NCL ship, tried to amend the PVSA that would require all foreign-flagged ships to spend 50% of all port time in foreign ports and some other changes. Of course, that would have allowed NCL, which at the time had three US-flagged ships sailing in Hawaii, to be the only ships that could sail to/from Hawaii and Alaska. Then, some senators, such as Ted Ke
  4. True but if you need handicapped parking and park closest to 93, it’ll be a hike from pier 92. Yes, same parking lot but equidistant only if you park in the middle or back of the parking lot.
  5. Confirmed by Princess to TAs that it’s the Crow.
  6. Received notification this morning from my TA that it’s the Crown. She sent me the itineraries and pricing.
  7. Can always ask to have the thread title changed and moved.
  8. If you were booked on the Sun 7/3/21 and haven’t joined the roll call, it’s there. 🙂 I’ve been booked on this cruise for quite a while and was disappointed to learn it’s been canceled. For those of you who have been on these boards a while, “Wizard-of-Roz” and her dog Horton were booked on this cruise. Her sister-in-law just posted on the roll call that Roz passed away last week. I’ve sailed with her quite a few times over the years and was so sad to hear this. RIP.
  9. According to a well-known Entertainment Director, Carnival Corporation constitutes almost 50% of the mass cruise industry. Combining loyalty programs would be an anti-trust violation. P&O owned Princess before being bought by Carnival Corporation. Once P&O was purchased, the two lines became separate entities. Because they were once the same company, loyalty was reciprocated for years.
  10. Canceled: 3/13/20 Cruise: Royal Princess 4/18/20 Mexican Riviera Requested: FCC (100 + 50%) Received: 6/1/20 Applied to 10/24/20 Mexican Riviera cruise on the Royal
  11. As said, Carnival Cruise Lines doesn’t own nor is the parent company. Carnival Corporation is and if the corporation’s policy is doctor’s note or chronic condition, it would affect not only Princess but HAL, Cunard and Seaborne which tend to have older demographics.
  12. Seems to me that as a TA, you’d have a lot of experience with people canceling their cruise and EZAir after final payment and before the non-refundable date. What has happened with your other clients? How was it handled before this pandemic?
  13. According to MarineTraffic, she’s due in LA tomorrow (Monday) at 5:30am. The Mercy is at pier 93 so she’ll probably dock at pier 92.
  14. Actually it, does make a difference. Every cruise credit counts towards the Loyalty OBC. That extra OBC on every cruise regardless of length makes a difference. I get an extra $100 on every cruise. The Loyalty Credit is with the 21st, 32nd, 42nd and 52nd cruise credits for $25, $50, $75 and $100 respectively. It's based on the # of cruise credits, not the # of cruises, and applies to a cruise of any length. 20 - 31 cruise credits $25 onboard cabin credit 32 - 41 cruise credits $50 onboard cabin credit 42 - 51 cruise credits $75 onboard cabin credit 52nd cru
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