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  1. Pam in CA

    Question about how dining choices “work”

    1. “Anytime” dining refers to dinner. There are three dining rooms on the ship. One (deck 6 aft) is dedicated to fixed seating/Traditional dining. The dining room deck 6 mid-ship has early fixed seating/Traditional dining after which it becomes Anytime dining. The dining room deck 5 mid-ship is Anytime dining. Anytime dining means that you can show up at any time to be seated for dinner, just as you would a restaurant at home. No reservation needed. All of the dining rooms have the same menu and dress code. Only difference is the time you eat. During the day, one of the dining rooms is open for breakfast and lunch. It’s open seating which means you show up and are seated. 2. The buffet is open continuously from early morning until about 11pm. No reservation. Like any buffet, you show up, get what you want and find a table. Unlike other cruise lines, on Princess, buffet tables are set and wait staff bring you beverages (from juice to coffee to alcoholic) as well as deliver made-to-order omelets at breakfast. 3. All dining room, buffet, pizza, grill, International Cafe, room service, etc. are included in your cruise fare. 4. Menus are not printed in the Patter but they are posted outside the dining room every day. You can also ask to see the next night’s dinner menu while dining in the dining room.
  2. Pam in CA

    Serious incident on Royal

  3. The PVSA does not apply to any cruise either embarking and/or disembarking at a non-US port. It’s a US law that affects only cruises between two US ports.
  4. Correct. The ship cannot knowingly allow you to violate the PVSA. It’s the same as the cruise lines allowing a passenger to violate any US law. However, I would call NCL as it’s possible that they can obtain a waiver for you. This would have to be arranged for ahead of time. It’s worth a call. If you do fly to the Bahamas to board the ship, you should contact your cruise insurance company as you may be able to put in a claim for your travel expenses and/or missed days on the ship. I’d contact my insurance company to see what they will cover.
  5. Pam in CA

    California Wildfires

    The biggest impact with regards to the fires north of LA is highway closures for those driving to the port. It’ll be very difficult and a very long way around the fire areas.
  6. Pam in CA

    Laundry specials on Royal Princess?

    It’s been years since I’ve seen a “by the bag” special price. Doubt it would be offered on the Royal as there always seems to be a huge delay in getting laundry back on this ship. On my three cruises in her, two of which were trans-Atlantic’s, it took anywhere from 3-8 days to get laundry sent out returned.
  7. Pam in CA

    Royal Princess Docks with Sick Cruisers

    I’ve been on many cruises, including those with a Noro outbreak and got it only once... and I’m convinced I got it from a land tour, not the ship. We had an overnight in Jerusalem and the hotel was disgustingly filthy. Bathroom had mold dripping down the wall, the bedspread was so dirty it was tacky to the touch. This was a Princess overnight. Nine people on my tour bus came down with Noro within 48 hours and we were the only ones on the ship. It was awful. Didn’t even want to leave my cabin for four days. The medical staff was great. I agree that while it’s possible to get food contamination that can appear to be Noro, it’s mostly brought on the ship by infected passengers who often self-medicate and continue to move around the ship exposing others. Wash, wash and wash your hands.
  8. Pam in CA

    Luggage handling

    No. Not in LA or NY. Not sure about SF. As for Seattle, it’s the port’s luggage system, not Princess. https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free
  9. Pam in CA

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    Shorts are never allowed on any Princess ship at dinner in the dining room, even Smart Casual nights. Doesn’t matter if they’re dress shorts or gold plated. If you’ve gotten away with it, you’ve been lucky.
  10. Pam in CA

    Luggage handling

    Seattle is not Princess’s EZCheck. The port offers a service called Port Valet which is free. Not sure of the other particulars.
  11. Pam in CA

    Help with Regal Princess cabin selection please!

    There is less motion aft than forward. I prefer cabins towards the aft and book them deliberately. If you tend towards motion or sea sickness, a lower deck is much better.
  12. Pam in CA

    Platinum Questions

    CThere are so many Platinum and Elite passengers these days on many cruises that the pre-boarding lounges are packed and there isn’t enough room for those with Priority boarding. Adding guests makes it even worse. Its not unusual to have over 1,000 passengers with Priority boarding on a cruise. Imagine if even 10% of them bring guests. If your friends are adults snd able to manage on their own, they should use general boarding. If you really want or need to board with them, you can certainly also use general boarding.
  13. Pam in CA

    Mini Suite Balcony size

    Essentially the same but with slightly different configurations on the bump-out cabins.
  14. Pam in CA

    Royal Inside Sideways Cabins

    This is C323 on the Royal. Loved the cabin. Since I posted above, I was able to upgrade myself to a balcony for $100 more with the “Sip & Sail” promo on my B2B and get $600 in OBC instead of the beverage package. I would have been fine with the inside but the OBC will be very nice.
  15. Pam in CA

    Mini Suite Balcony size

    Mini-suite balconies are 9’x7’. They are fully covered on Emerald deck, fully uncovered on Dolphin deck. Standard cabin balconies on other decks are 9’x5’ with the exception of Caribe deck which has the largest balcony at 9’x9’, of which 9’x5’ is covered. Caribe deck standard balcony cabins have the largest balconies.