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  1. We are sailing on Empress of the Seas on May 11, 2020. We have not yet bought our deluxe drink packages. The cost right now is $55/pp for the deluxe drink package (both of us will have to purchase) or $65/pp for the Deluxe Drink Page with Voom. I regret not purchasing these several weeks ago when I think I remember the $55 to be offered at around $48/pp. My question is, will the prices for these "add-ons" be likely to go down before the cruise two months from now? Seems like a lot of $$/pp for drinks etc. We usually sail on Celebrity in a Sky Suite and the drinks etc. are included. We are sailing in a Jr. Suite on this upcoming RCI cruise, and we are diamond members. Doesn't seem like much amenities are included for being a Diamond member, but maybe I am just rusty on sailing RCI (last time on RCI was six years ago). Please advise if the prices of these packages might go down before we sail. We realize we could wait until we are onboard too, to buy the packages so there is no real rush yet.
  2. I think you are probably correct! Sad though because those of us who pay the extra $$ to have a veranda might be so disappointed in these new outdoor furnishings that we might consider sailing on another cruise line after this experience (which is what we are doing this year).
  3. Hi, my DH and I are returning to RCI in May (traveling on the Empress of the Seas in May to Bermuda) after several cruises on Celebrity. I see now RCI is offering something called "The Key" which essentially buys a passenger a higher level of service than a typical passenger would get, such as lunch in the MDR upon embarkation, reserved seats at some shows, etc. My question is, because we are already "Diamond" level and also will be traveling in a Junior Suite, is it worth it for us to purchase "The Key?" Advice is appreciated. I believe Diamond and Suite guests have Priority boarding but does the Key offer additional amenities? I was thinking of getting it just for the MDR lunch after boarding as we normally do not enjoy fighting the crowds at the Windjammer on the first day boarding. But it seems like a lot of $$ for us if many of the amenities are already included for us since we are Diamond and traveling in a suite. Hope someone can shed some light on this for us. Thanks in advance.
  4. RCL is not the only ones doing it. Celebrity has added cabins to a lot of their ships. A few years ago we stayed in one of the new cabins, thinking it would be nicer than the older ones. I have never felt more cramped in my life. If we didn't have a balcony I think I would have died from claustrophobia. I do think the bottom line is of course, to cram more people onboard to make more money. 😞
  5. Have YOU ever read the book entitled "Go Ask Alice?" It is the diary of an addict. And the movie also was representative of the same book about an addict. I saw and read these as a teenager, long before I had an adult child with addiction issues. So the song most reminded me of those.
  6. So hurt that someone would choose to focus on this personal part of my original post, to judge me and tell me why I may feel this way. I was sharing a part of my personal life that I did not expect to be judged for. I am certain there are other families out there who have loved ones who are addicted and may feel the same way when they see or hear this commercial. 😞
  7. I did know about the book Alice in Wonderland (I am an elementary school teacher). But the song is more known as a song reflecting drug culture. I grew up when it was popular and I know what it meant. I don't appreciate your "slam" about how this may affect only me because of my adult child's battle with drug addiction. This song was popular in the drug culture and my adult child has probably never heard of it. I was only asking what everyone thought about it, after I voiced my thoughts. You are entitled to your opinion just as I and all the others on here are. Don't judge me and my family for my opinion! DH and I have been on more than a dozen Celebrity cruises. We enjoyed all except the most recent one, post-Revolution. And we realize other passengers may feel differently and embrace the improvements, etc. Also thank you for the link to the other thread about this subject. I searched to see if there was one before I started this one, but I did not find that one.
  8. Has anyone seen the new TV commercials for Celebrity, which have the old Jefferson Airplane song, "Go Ask Alice," as the background music? This is a song about drugs, a girl named Alice taking illegal drugs and also supplying (dealing) the illegal pills as well. The commercial even has the lyrics playing along to the images, which mention "one pill makes you taller, and one pill makes you small," and at the end it plays "Go ask Alice, while she's still small..." As it shows a woman enjoying a deck chair, opening her eyes and you see a fleeting image of a female captain. I find this commercial to be offensive; why would Celebrity choose a vintage song about illegal drugs to advertise their cruise experience?! This makes me want to NEVER take another cruise on Celebrity. If the marketing people did not realize this song was a song about illegal drugs, plenty of the people who might book one of their cruises surely remembers this song from the late 60's or early 70's. There was also a book and a movie by the same name. All about drug abuse. My DH and I have sailed with Celebrity several times and are Elite status. Who exactly is Celebrity marketing this experience to? Former or current drug addicts? As the parent of an adult child who is battling addiction I find this commercial to be in really bad taste. At least the music is. The images are fine, very enticing. But a drug song??? Is this part of the "Revolution?" Our last cruise two months ago after the "Revolution" on Summit was disappointing, and now this music to sell their cruise experience... just makes me wonder where the company is going with their new image.
  9. The two photos we did not get were the photo taken of us before boarding the ship (two photos were taken there), and one with a female "pirate" when disembarking at the port of Bermuda. We got 23 photos in the digital package we received via email. Also, a lot of the photos had the wrong restaurant or location, or date printed on them. A few said they were taken in the Cosmopolitan restaurant, and we ate at Luminae every night except for the one when we ate at the Tuscan Grille. On our cruise on Summit last year, a photo taken at the port of Newport had "Bahamas" printed on the photo! 😞
  10. I agree, reading a book without armrests is no vacation. Also while the couch on the verandah was comfortable, we had the same problem with it being soggy most of the time. I have never seen outdoor furniture that stayed wet; poor planning. I didn't mind the indoor decor but I missed having a full length mirror to check my outfit before going to dinner. 😞 That's not something you can pack with you if they don't have it! I'm glad you had them switch out the hard wooden chairs! They were awful!!
  11. Just an update on the photo situation. This morning I got the email from Celebrity with the photos taken by the cruise photographers, as promised (and what we paid for as far as "digital"). For whatever reason not all the photos that were taken are included (we never did see the one taken just before boarding, either on the wall or in the kiosk) but I am grateful to have the ones we received. I agree that the day and age of physical "prints" probably should be going by the wayside, to save paper, time, waste, etc. I actually thought with the Celebrity App we might be able to view the photos every day on there while on the cruise, but hopefully that will be in the near future.
  12. Thank you for being understanding of my situation. I have a physical condition which causes kidney stones and I HAVE TO drink at least 72 oz of water/day as well. I often drink water when I wake up at night also, and this is why I prefer to have bottled water with me at all times on a cruise. It's not like I just "prefer bottled water" to other beverages!! It's an absolute godsend when you have a condition such as mine and yours.
  13. I did not see all the balconies on the ship, but the ones I could see (since our balcony stuck out further than most of the others) all had similar furniture to ours, and no loungers. It's possible that higher level suites have them, but I don't know. The butler told us when we left today that he is going to leave the lounger that we requested on the balcony for the next passengers. He thought it was a great idea! Maybe if everyone asks for one, X will get the hint.
  14. This is the first time we have ever had a problem with the photo package or prints. Typically they are all good, and we find the prints on a daily basis with no problem. I am noting it because it was unusual and a bit frustrating. We paid before sailing, for the "digital" package which was $249, meaning just photos in digital form emailed to us after the cruise. But when we got on the ship, a photographer talked us into adding the physical prints for an additional $49.95. I regret spending that money, as we did not get all our prints, and I would rather have not had to waste the time sorting through hundreds of photos at the end of the cruise. I had asked earlier in the week where the photos from sail away, etc. were,, as I checked every day. They kept telling us they "had not had time to print out the ones yet" from earlier in the week. I've never seen this problem on any X cruise we've ever taken. I don't know if this photo crew was new or what. I wasn't the only one trying to sort through hundreds of photos to find their missing ones as well. They were equally annoyed and frustrated with this and had never seen it before.
  15. We just got off the Summit this morning after a 7-day cruise to Bermuda. We had cabin 6132 which is a Sky Suite with one of the larger angled balconies. We LOVE this balcony! It sticks out further than the rest on one side, and it's like having your own private yacht (we think so anyway). This is our second time in cabin 6132, and we have also stayed in 6131 which is her twin. The Summit's new Retreat deck is on Deck 12, and it has several loungers and a whirlpool. Sorry I don't have any photos of the Retreat deck, but for some photos of our balcony and cabin on Summit last week, you can find them on my Thread on the boards, "Live From Summit" which I started last Sunday. PS I also like that the balcony for this cabin does not have an overhang, but for some passengers this might be a drawback. For me I love the sun and having my own private "sun deck." 🙂
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