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  1. I know, she can ignore and move on and stay out of it. If she wants to cruise with all these restrictions and waste thousand of bucks, go ahead.
  2. Most sensible post I've seen on here in a long time.
  3. Sounds like a blast, huh? Why any sane person would want to go through this is beyond me.
  4. Lazy and selfish who are sitting on all that unemployment and not getting a job when there are millions of jobs available.
  5. And you may be able to have a BBQ on the 4th. What a joke.
  6. I am quite fun. Just not understanding going on all these cruises with the restrictions in place. If I want to wear a mask all the time, oh never mind I dont wear one.
  7. With all the restrictions, that's a big waste of money.
  8. Same as a vaccinated person telling people to get it. Hypocritical much?
  9. Going to a graduation party in 3 weeks. Will be hundreds there maskless and most not vaccinated.
  10. Yes it is child abuse. There should not be any kid 16 or under who should be wearing a face diaper. it's ridiculous.
  11. This is a good post. Doesn't matter what you do. The people who listen the most catch it. We don't wear masks anywhere, inside or out. We've travelled, had work done in our house. Two guys remodeled our bathroom for 6 weeks. Told them not to wear it. They actually said if you make us wear it we're going elsewhere.
  12. over 3 million out of 8 billion (with a B). And just from covid probably not even 400,000 in the world. Everyone afraid should just stay in their basement like someone else we know, much better off.
  13. Doubt it. I'll do just like airlines. I wear it until takeoff. Take it off until beverages are served. Milk out 2 or 3 drinks and a couple snacks and a couple cups of ice and the flight is almost over. Barely wear it all. Lady sat beside me on my last flight and said if you want to take your mask off, fine with me. She said it's a scam. I said you are right. Had nice conversation. There's always ways around the system.
  14. Just read an article that many states are returning their vaccines or requesting to the government not to send them as much. Seems as though that most people who wanted the shot have gotten it. The rest of us are not interested in a rushed emergency gene therapy injection that was rushed in 6 months.
  15. Yea we see how much of a lie that was. Get the craps of hearing science, science. Nobody knows anything.
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