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  1. 54 minutes ago, ace2542 said:

    Then you will never cruise again because Masks and Social Distancing will be on ships forever and ever amen. Masks for certain. Social distancing perhaps not because they can't afford that forever but a mask costs nothing to wear.  Anyone who refuses to wear one should be banned from every cruise line in the world after 1 warning.


     After all how else can you prevent being sued for catching Covid on a ship or protect against people lying about having the vaccine or the counter the fact the vaccine is not 100% effective? If the answer is in the terms of the contract I say don't you think have tried that already in these all inclusive places?

    And what cites you as being an expert into the future of what cruise lines do?  There is no way this will be forever. Maybe a year or two.

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  2. 18 hours ago, mightycruisequeen said:

    I picked "Other".  I'm ready to cruise right now, but we're booked for a late Feb '22 cruise, hoping it's going to happen.  Also, we're not planning to get the vaccine.   If we absolutely MUST be vaccinated in order to cruise, then I guess we'll have to decide whether or not to continue cruising.

    Go ahead & flame away.  I've got my royal big girl flame retardant panties on.

    Agree with you.  We are not getting the vaccine either.  If we can't cruise no biggie.  We will go other places.  It would only last a year or two anyways, no way they'll extend if further than that.

  3. 25 minutes ago, cruisemom42 said:



    Over 66 million doses have been given out so far in the US alone. Tens of thousands were involved in clinical trials in which some of the data is now more than 6 months since vaccination. And there are two months' reporting on those receiving vaccinations in the broader public since the emergency use approval. So far, there does not appear to be any greater risks associated with vaccination -- in particular in regard to anaphylaxis (about same risks as any vaccine) or death.


    So -- at what point will you and your family be satisfied that you're not "guinea pigs"?

    Never, not getting it.  If there has been a broad bad reaction or even deaths do you think the fake news media is going to tell the public that.  They lie about everything.

  4. 53 minutes ago, BoozinCroozin said:

    You people do realize that almost all Caribbean destinations are 100% open to US travelers NOW?!?!?! Grand Cayman may be the sole exclusion. Trust me, I have looked at AI resorts at many of them and working with a travel agent. Anyone of any age can travel to Mexico, Roatan, Belize, Jamaica, Bahamas, St Thomas, St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, and I am probably leaving a few out. Requiring a vaccine in 6 months makes absolutely no sense for those that a vaccine does not exist for. I can understand the knee-jerk responses, but a little more research proves the statements have no logic.


    If there were going to be "in country" restrictions requiring vaccination, that would be happening now and not when cruising starts late this year.  

    Makes total sense and I agree.  

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  5. 4 hours ago, FredT said:


    Reality check....   If the COUNTRIES the ship visits require vaccination, if the AIRLINES you take to get there require vaccination, and (most importantly) If the bean counters at the cruise lines feel that the risks of NOT requiring 100% vaccination outweigh the added income of families... Then it's a mute point.   No vaccination, no cruise.  

    Then tons of business will be lost by the cruise lines.  There are many and I mean many including my family who will not ever get the shot.

  6. On 2/19/2021 at 1:36 PM, crewsweeper said:

    Not everyone wants a vaccine.  Lots of fearmongering on social media.  Just like the fear of the spread of COVID itself. Part of the that is related to the virus's unknowns in the early stages of the pandemic.


    World wide there have been 111 million+ cases since the beginning.  That's only of the world population.  Over 85 million have recovered.  23 million are active of which less than 100,000 are severe. 2.5 million have died but that only 3% of the total cases.   The majority of deaths have been people over 75 and many of those have had pre-morbid conditions, like pneumonia and other respiratory ailments or diseases that impact the immunity system.  Few under 50 have died.  Yet  the lockdowns and media push is that the virus spreads rapidly and to everybody.


    Don't flame me, all those who have suffered and all who have died makes me very sad. But I hope down the road, the powers that be handle the virus as a medical risk management issue like the flu and develop means of better protection and lessening of symptoms.  Masks are fine as far as they go, but once wet from breathing they lose their effectiveness.  Pack a few cases of N-95 masks instead of sodas on the next cruise..  Handwashing helps on a lot of other respiratory ailments.  Flu cases have dropped considerably for example.  On cruises hand sanitation and cleaning of common public areas can go a long way to stopping cases of NORO.


    Great read.  I'm not getting any vaccine.

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  7. On 2/13/2021 at 10:40 AM, Coco54 said:

    I never got a survey from cruise critic on this topic.  I am seeing like 81% in favor of mandatory vaccines?!!!  Nope.  I do not agree.  It should be like a flu shot.  It's your body people, we don't need this type of control over us.  I just got over Covid virus. I am 69.  My husband and I both had it. Like a really bad flu, but I can understand anyone with underlying problems could be worse, as they would would other flus or diseases.  Did you all get this survey, or is this the media trying to lie and put what they want us to see out there?  I love to travel, but THIS vaccine is really stepping way out of line.  Just like us.  We just had the virus.  We are naturally immune.  I refuse to go take the vaccine (which does not prevent you from getting the virus), when I am already immune.  Why would I do that?  People need to start doing their own research, and stop listening blindly to the media.  It's not an easy task, with main stream media, social media pulling any info off they don't want you to see.  Use your own judgement after reading all the facts people!

    agree with you 100%.  Finally someone who gets it.  I'm not getting any vaccine that took 5 months.

  8. On 2/5/2021 at 11:37 AM, George C said:

    Our favorite two non cruise vacations are New York City and Sandals resorts in Jamaica, love the all inclusive sandals resorts , way better food than mdr some of there restaurants as good as specialty restaurants, choice of 6 or so restaurants on each resort, swim up bars, top shelf liquor. Only issue is getting on the plane but not a long flight, entertainment not as good as cruise. 


    People will be staying away from NYC for a long time.  

  9. We are coming to Dominican Republic on a land vacation in July.  My boys are ages 10 and 18 and their passport expires August 19th.  Will they need an updated passport?  I know some countries want you to have a new one 6 months prior to expiration.  Thanks.

  10. We are just about to book on a cruise from Southampton in Sept 2019 but before we do, any thoughts on booking one of the new panoramic ocean view rooms on deck 12. We like the look of rooms but concerned about proximity to elevators and bathrooms!!




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    We just had one on the Liberty in April. We were really surprised how close the elevators were to the rooms up front. It was very convenient. Also close to the pools and jogging track. Told the wife besides the aft balcony we had previously this was the best room we ever had.

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