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  1. Call me perverse, but after a 2:15am wake up, I would feel like playing "It's a Small World" REALLY loud on my mini bluetooth speaker, and putting it next to the bottom of the door, then leaving for late breakfast. Or, maybe something by ABBA. :D:D


    But, in reality, I just always wear foam earplugs to bed.

    Or the "Wash Your Hands" song.

  2. It really isn't that far. We always went out past the jogging track to the aft elevators and straight down to the MDR or down one flight to the Windjammer. The only night we went down the forward elevators was on formal night as the wife didn't want her hair messed up. We went down to deck 5, walked through the Promenade to the aft steps and then down to deck 4 where our table was. Didn't go through 4 from the smoke in the casino.

  3. Had a great day at Sancho's about a month ago. Good food, drink, beach and pool. The taxi was easy for our family of four. Took 15 minutes to get there.

  4. Cruises beyond April 2020 will likely come in March/April 2019.

    That's kind of what I figured but I thought it may be different for just the Bermuda cruises. Have you ever done either of these Bob? We live an hour from Baltimore and 3 hours from Bayonne. Really never gave it much thought to do this but the wife really wants to do Bermuda.

  5. This is kind of a weird question! My kids want to go to Mr. Sanchos (teens). I read that they offer horseback riding there. I am deathly allergic to horses (I know... weird allergy!). Even being down wind of them in close proximity will set off asthma attack and hives etc.


    So my question is this, are the horses ever just walking around the beach where we would be swimming, or near the tables where we would be eating? Or in any other major public area of the resort? Or are they kept corralled some big away, never to be seen except if you actually reserve a ride?


    I have watched countless you tube videos and read tons of reviews and never see anything mentioned about horses except on the actual Mr.Sanchos website so I figured I would ask here from anyone that has been there.




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    The horses we saw there were right as you entered the complex. We didn't see any while we were on the beach, So to answer your question, I'm not really sure where the people ride them there. We were there 3 weeks ago.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of dough. We just got off Liberty, 4 of us. We booked in May of 2016 for April 2018 cruise. We had the Family Panoramic Ocean View. Not a balcony but a huge room with a bathroom and a half bathroom. Technically this room is for a minimum of 5 but our TA worked it for us. We paid $3300. This room is now considered a suite so I'm sure it's much more.

  7. We had John and Katrina on Liberty of the Seas last year and LOVED their personal energy and the shows they put on.


    Am on the same cruise tomorrow and hope they are onboard with us again! 👍

    I think they are still on leave. We got off Liberty two weeks ago and while waiting for Galveston Limo to pick us up we saw them leaving, getting on the Royal Caribbean employee bus. I yelled over to them that they did a good job. He said thank you and then came over to us and shook my hand and gave my boys high five. He asked where we're from and then asked who our favorite teams were. I thought it showed a lot of class. As for him as CD and his wife as AD my wife and I agree we thought they did a fabulous job. Maybe not the best we've ever had but they were awesome. Again as others say a CD and AD don't make or break a cruise for us.

  8. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do on my Feb, 22 19 cruise. I hear Mr Sanchos is the place to be for a relaxing day. Anyone have feed back?


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    Just there two weeks ago Friday on Liberty of Seas. We were on the all inclusive side. It was a great day. The food was quite good and the drinks were good too. You have your own waiter who gets you anything you need. We tipped him pretty good, he was outstanding. You can eat or drink in a separate table in the shade. Everyone in your party gets a lounge chair in the sun. There are swimming pools with swim up pool bars. There's also some places to shop in the complex. My family all got Mr. Sancho T shirts. Jet ski rental, parasail, and banana boat rides are all next door. We did the jet ski's. It was $72 for half hour. I would recommend it. The beach and water is nice and clear, I didn't see much seaweed, just a little. Not as nice as beaches in the eastern and southern caribbean islands but it was very good.

  9. Was there two weeks ago, we reserved it probably 6 to 8 months before that just to be safe. We booked it online on their website. It was $5 per person to reserve, the balance paid when we got there. Taxi is best way to go, it was $17 each way for four of us. Fun time there.

  10. Used Native Choice 2 weeks ago to Chachobben. It was a great day, we had lots of fun. Kids even said it was very neat. Our guide Patricio (Patrick) was wonderful. There were probably 30 people or so on our bus and by end of tour he knew everyone's name.

  11. Your Martinique photos are outstanding. Next time we get there we'll have to go to that beach. We were there two years ago and did a tour of the island. One of the stops was a black sand beach near the volcano that erupted in the early 20th century. It was great. It's kind of a different island than most others as it has a huge population city where you dock. Our guide said like 125,000 people. Over a half million on the island.

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