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  1. That was very useful, thank you very much.
  2. I was interested in your comment about a cruise critic party(or gathering) on ship. I am sailing in September and have read a few comments on blogs about this. I am wondering how do I go about seeing for my cruise if anyone is gathering or when it is, does the azmara web site give me this info. or do I get it from cruise critic web site? Any info. is appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the info. greatly appreciated.
  4. I will be on the Azamara Quest in September and have read a few reviews but no one seems to comment on the fitness room. I was wondering if it was large and had lots of cardiovascular machines, also did anyone notice if it had a scale?
  5. i have stayed in amalfi coast many times. Usually sorrento and capri. If you are on a cruise ship that lands in naples then hop off and catch the hydrofoil to capri, its only a 45min. drive one way. You can see capri on your own and then catch hydrofoil back. Or you could do the same for Sorrento, its an amazing town. The hydrofoil runs every half hour so its easy to do, and its right at the port. Forget about taking a bus or a train its too long of a trip. Both these cities are easy to site see by foot and you would find them enjoyable.
  6. thanks for reply... I will bring turkish lire, do you know if the golf bazaar venders can be trusted?
  7. I will be in istanbul and plan on going to the grand bazaar - I heard so much about all the gold they sell there, so I'm wondering how much can it be trusted to be authentic? do I need to worry whether the vendor is legitamate? Does anyone have any experience in this area?
  8. I will be at istanbul for 1 1/2 days and have a few questions. Besides the sight seeing I plan on visiting and shopping at the market.... should I bring american or carry turkish ? also how far from the port is the market, do I need transportation? any info. is appreciated.
  9. I will be on the QV in October and have a 2 day stop in Istanbul , I have a few questions for anyone who has been there. In the bazaar do they take american money or do I need turkish? Also can anyone give me any advise as to the shopping in istanbul and the bazaar? Someone said to stay clear of the market because alot of it is fake. Any suggestions?
  10. I love your information on travel from Warnemunde to surrounding cities. I may opt for the train when our cruise docks my question is : we would like to do rostock,miser,lubeck,from your information we decided to go to the farthest city which is lubeck and work our way back to warnemunde, BUT how far is it in a walk from train station in lubeck and miser to city sites? do we need to take a bus or can we walk to them easily?
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