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  1. h & m

    ELITE : PEARL printed on Xpress pass

    We got that too - I thought they were renaming Elite. I only play the slots, with cash, but I do use my seapass card each time - so they do have a record.
  2. h & m

    Non Refundable Cruise Deposit

    Sorry to disagree, but we have booked several cruises directly through Celebrity Australia (Royal Caribbean too), and never had to pay a non-refundable deposit. Celebrity Australia do have an earlier date in their cancellation schedule, about 150 days before the cruise, if cancelling after that then the deposit is not refunded. This is directly from the Australian terms and conditions: 3. Paying for your cruise Deposits We will require a deposit to secure your booking within 7 days of making your booking (or full payment if booking within 70 days of departure). On some cruises the deposit may be required on the day of booking or within 1–7 days of making the booking. After this time if your deposit has not been paid then your booking will be automatically cancelled. Deposit amounts vary by cruise duration as follows: Deposit per person 1–6 nights AU$200 7–14 nights AU$400 15+ nights & Cruisetours AU$800 From time to time Celebrity Cruises may run a promotional offer that will incur a non-refundable deposit. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the relevant promotion for further details. A non-refundable service fee of AU$50 per person must be paid on top of your cruise deposit to secure your flights and airfare for international departures. Some airfares may require full payment at time of booking, which may be non-refundable. If airfare payment is due prior to the cruise payment schedule, you will be advised at the time of booking. Airline taxes are subject to change until airfares are paid in full. When using your credit or debit card to pay us directly for your cruise, please be aware that we may process that transaction via a bank outside of Australia and your card issuer may choose to charge you a foreign processing fee. We advise you to check the terms and conditions of such foreign transactions with your card issuer in advance of making a payment to us. Any promotional Air Offers will incur an additional deposit which may vary per itinerary. For example: ‘Fly Free Promotions’ deposits will be non-refundable and due at time of cruise deposit. This additional deposit could be up to AU$2,000 per person. Please contact our office or your travel agent to obtain details of the deposit due at the time of booking. An air processing fee may be applicable to reservations cancelled outside of cruise penalties. This will be advised to you at the time of booking
  3. h & m

    Non Refundable Cruise Deposit

    Hi Cathy I see you already have some helpful answers, but often the terms and conditions in Australia are different from those in North America. I don't know if this new non-refundable deposit scheme has been introduced in Australia yet. The other difference is generally TA's here in Australia will charge a non-refundable deposit when booking through them, which is different from anything the cruise line may charge. Can I suggest you contact Celebrity Cruises in Australia to get an answer, better still get something in writing from them. Contact numbers are 1800 754 500, or 02 4331 5400. I've had a quick look at the Celebrity website, but it flick over to the US site when looking for terms and conditions. Good luck Hilary
  4. h & m

    B2B using 2 different travel agents

    Hi there We have done exactly what you are doing, one leg through our US TA, another through Celebrity Australia. It was not possible to link the 2 cruises, as Australia uses completely different booking numbers. Absolutely no problems on board though, and we were treated exactly the same as all other BTB passengers. Not sure if Guest Services on board are even aware of how and where our bookings were made. Hilary
  5. hi there We are on the same cruise as you, also have 4 nights in San Diego, and 3 after in Ft Lauderdale. Just travelling from a little further than you ! I agree with BillB48's suggestion, Check you roll call, possibly meet up with some fellow cruisers... http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2140323 We have a very friendly roll call, lots of information there to share Hilary :)
  6. h & m

    Celebrity Solstice room next to bar

    We have stayed in this cabin and loved it, would definitely take it again. Very convenient and close to centre of ship, bed near the bathroom, which is our preferred set-up. Next to the cabin is a storage area for the Passport Bar, but the only time we heard some noise was between 10pm - 10.30 pm when they were packing up the bar. If we were in the cabin we could hear some noise for maybe 10 minutes, did not last long. Also, if there was loud music playing in the Atrium early evening this could be heard faintly in the cabin, not annoying at all, just background. Hope is helpful Hilary :)
  7. h & m

    Miami Hotel Post Cruise

    We were looking for the same - 1 night post-cruise with an 8pm departure on the following day. We booked the Hampton Inn at Bricknell, they have an AARP rate with a 2pm checkout, which suits us fine.
  8. One formal night, DH was wearing suit, tie, looked pretty good I thought, and had somehow got past my inspection without me noticing the black crocks over black socks on his feet. No one noticed until we were in the elevator after dinner, another couple walked in, and the husband turned to his wife and said "See, I told you I could wear my crocks! "
  9. Thanks so much for posting this information. It's so helpful, we are going back to Royal after quite a few years, and never been on this class of ships, and love the easy to read compasses. Hilary :)
  10. h & m

    Bum’s rush last full day of cruise

    I feel for the room attendants, busy at the best of times and turnaround day is extra hard work for them. I have no problems with items being removed from the cabin - binoculars, folders etc, and I have been told this is for cleaning purposes. Have also had the fridge locked up - again I understand they need to do a stocktake of the mini-bar items. What really disturbs me though, is new linen and robes being left in the room. I have only encountered this on Celebrity, coming back after diner to find a stack of linen on the back of the sofa. We usually sit there before going to bed, and have been careful not to touch the linen, but I do not like the thought of our clean linen on entering the cabin possibly being handled by previous passengers. The same for robes, could have been used even accidentally by previous passengers on the last night. We are disembarking one day early on our next trip - suits us for our continuing journey in Italy, but after reading this thread I realise the plus side is also missing disembarkation day. Hilary :)
  11. h & m

    BtoB cruise info please

    In terms of moving rooms, this is what has happened to us on the Solstice,, it was quite painless. We just packed everything not on hangers, everything hanging was moved to the new stateroom. As they had not finished cleaning the new room, we went back later to unpack, but were able to use the safe to stow our valuables. As far as going off the ship, it really does depend on the local port, and there are many variables, such as whether you have already cleared immigration for that country. One exception on the Solstice, we did a BTB Sydney - Honolulu- Ensenada - Seattle, 39 days which we loved. There was a Noro outbreak on the first leg. All passengers were required to be off the ship for several hours for a deep cleaning in Honolulu. For the BTB passengers we were given a free tour in Hawaii. Luckily we were not changing cabins that time, those passengers were required to pack everything, and their cases were removed from their rooms for the cleaning process. Not sure whether the cases were stored on board or in the terminal, but they were not to be accessed until the cabins were available (about 6pm) due to the cleaning. This is not the norm, but it may be why you are getting conflicting information. Hilary :)
  12. h & m

    How to Kill a Roll Call

    KILL - lots of discussion about Elite events, Elite numbers on the cruise etc. Our first Celebrity Cruise on the Equinox I felt like an outsider, and wondered if everyone on board except us would be Elite. Happily the cruise was wonderful and we made lots of friends, Elite or not. BEST EVER ROLL CALL - Solstice in 2013, thread started by Bob who kept a great spread sheet and lists, but certainly never dominated the conversation. We are always happy to give our cabin number, but would not criticise anyone wanting to be more private. Hilary :)
  13. We are just sailing away now. We had a great day today in Taurunga, and yesterday in the Bay of Islands. Hope this great weather lasts for the rest of our cruise,
  14. Matt Booking directly on Celebrity AU, they do include the tips in the fare, but you can easily delete them at the payment stage - if you have traditional dining. For select dining the tips have to be prepaid, this goes for the US site too. Booking through a TA, you can not see as much detail on your booking on the Celebrity site, including payments, so you really need to check your TA invoice to see if tips have been included. On our next cruise I booked directly with Celebrity AU, initially took off the tips,but then realised they were less in Australian dollars than US, so paid them upfront. Hope this helps Hilary :)