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  1. Thanks for that advice, should have read it before this morning's trivia - we got flags and phobias already. Trivia was in the Sky Lounge, the presenter will take a little getting used to. We had a great stay in Sydney at the Sheraton on the Park. I had requested early check in, which we got, and a room close to the elevators. Mick has had a knee replacement, so trying to make life easy. Our allocated room was a long hike from the elevator, and seeing the floor plan I understood the room type we had requested were all quite far. Mick said don't worry about it for 1 night, but I am a firm believer in giving people a chance to fix a problem, which the manager did. Moved to a much more convenient room, bags moved for us with no effort on our part. The Club lounge was one of the best we have experienced in Sydney, with great service. The coffee there was so good I was not even in a rush to go to Cafe Al Bacio, usually my first stop. Embarkation was painless, the longest wait was trying to get a luggage tag for our carry on which we had decided to check in at the last minute. Porters did not have spare tags, so we had to queue to get someone to write one out for us and attach it to the bag. After that, straight on and exploring the ship at 11.25 am. Everything good except the main dining room is very dark, and the table we were assigned to was missing a light above it. Literally could not read the menu or wine list. We did like the people we were seated with, so going to stick it out and see if they can improve the lighting. Last time on Solstice was 2 years ago, they had electronic candles on the tables then, but not now. The Captain is so funny, I can understand why he is so popular. The ship is in good condition, we did notice some rust on our balcony, but maintenance were already onto it, and have been fixing it today. Sea days today and tomorrow, the the first stop is Bay of Islands, NZ. Any questions, happy to answer.
  2. Good to hear the ship is still in great shape. We have never cruised with Captain Tasos, but hear great things about him. Just dropped off the cat at the cattery, and we are leaving for Adelaide Airport soon. Have a 9.30 flight to Sydney tomorrow morning, rather than facing the early morning traffic we are spending the night at the new Adelaide Airport Hotel.
  3. Just finished packing, we are boarding the Solstice in Sydney on Friday, doing the BTB Sydney- Honolulu and Honolulu- Vancouver. I don't intend to do a full review, but will post every few days, from an Aussie perspective, and am happy to answer any questions. Hilary
  4. We got that too - I thought they were renaming Elite. I only play the slots, with cash, but I do use my seapass card each time - so they do have a record.
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