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  1. @AlohaLivin would you mind to send your map/tour to me? Its jeanash73@gmail.com Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks for the tips Squadleader! I actually just booked the Legend out of NYC. I'm looking forward to exploring the city for a couple days prior to departure. The cruise leaves on Memorial Day so hopefully it be warm weather and smooth sailing.
  3. Thanks for the input...I'm going to go ahead and book the Legend tonight. Longer cruise + 4 new ports sounds amazing right now.
  4. We may decide to take the train in, but we enjoy road trips and DH would rather drive. I'm an anxious flyer...so I would rather avoid that. I do worry about driving around NYC...would much rather use public transportation. I found a hotel in NJ that has a stay and park for cruisers with free shuttle to the cruise terminal. I think that might be our best option to avoid the pricey parking near the ship.
  5. It's so fun being back on these boards and reading everyone's posts. We haven't cruised since 2012 and decided that it was time to get back on a ship. We have just enough funpoints on our credit card to pay for the majority of a summer cruise (yay!). I would love to get something booked within the next couple days. I've found 2 cruises that we are interested in: 1. leaving NYC on the Legend (9 nights) and traveling to San Juan, St Maarten, St Thomas, and Grand Turk. 2. leaving Baltimore (7 nights) on the Pride and going to Bermuda. The Legend cruise is about $250 cheaper than the Pride cruise (looking at a balcony room) even thought it is 2 nights longer. However, parking in NYC and extra gratuities will negate those savings. We've never been to either NYC or Baltimore so I expect to do a little sightseeing before/after the cruise. We haven't been to any of the ports so we would hit 4 new places with the Legend cruise and 1 new place with the Pride. We've been on the Legend before (in 2007) though I'm sure it is quite different since our last time onboard. It will be my husband and I (mid-40s), our 19yo daughter and 14yo son...and the kids enjoy spending time at waterworks & pools, mini-golf, and eating. It seems that the Pride is ranked slightly higher (overall) than the Legend, but they are the same class of ship so I don't expect them to be that different. Anyone have any thoughts, comments, insights, etc.? Is there one of these you would absolutely choose over the other (any why)? Choosing to go to Bermuda and dock there for 3 nights would be a different experience than our past cruises and I think you would get a better feel for the island with that amount of time...but I know almost nothing about Bermuda (except it is expensive) or how kid & family friendly it is. Thanks for any input! ~Jeana
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