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  1. This analysis shows what people have been seeing the past few months. Looks like both the Vancouver departures and 9-day cruises fall squarely in the mid-range (quite a bit less than $89) https://cruisespotlight.com/rcl-deluxe-beverage-package-analysis
  2. The 3-day cruises are usually on the less desirable/updated ships and usually have more of a party atmosphere. It's still not going to be like spring break in Cancun, but it's noticeably different from a longer cruise. A 5, 6, or 7 day cruise will be a lot more balanced, and less party focused. That being said, as long as your expectations are set, you can still have a good time. Also, be sure to do mock-bookings both longer and shorter cruises. Every time, I look, the price for a 3-day and 5-day can come out pretty close. They usually price shorter cruises a bit higher per day to make up for less revenue being made on-board.
  3. Room service is a set menu. For the food, you can order whatever you want and just pay a $5 delivery fee. You can see the room service menu here: https://cruisespotlight.com/virgin-voyages-restaurant-and-bar-menus-with-prices#room-service
  4. I think in this case, it's less about Norwegian and Carnival in general and more about this specific sailing because it'd be a different story if you're on a new ship of 14-day cruise. You mention a comparison of the Carnival Spirit and Norwegian Dawn. These are both relatively older/smaller ships, so they're gonna be comparable in most things. Typically, as most people mentioned, Carnival does have more of a fun/party/excitement attitude than Norwegian. One thing I definitely don't like about Norwegian is all the pay/specialty restaurants. Being a long time Carnival cruiser, I was spoiled that most of the dining was included, especially on the Spirit/Fantasy class ships you mention. While Norwegian has plenty of included options, there's a lot more that you have to pay extra for, and personally, I feel left out by not going to those. That's really the biggest thing to me. That being said, it won't be THAT much of a difference. Just have to be prepared for the extra expense or just skip out on the specialty restaurants. The site shows the included dining on a Spirit-class ship vs the Dawn https://cruisespotlight.com/compare/carnival-pride-vs-norwegian-dawn
  5. Yeah, Javablue Cafe has some solid milkshakes. It's just a pain you have to get it on deck floor, and then hike to the Lido Deck to pair it with a Guy's Burger. Here's the menu in case you're interested. https://cruisespotlight.com/carnival-cruise-line-drink-menus-and-pricing#java-blue
  6. This is the biggest issue I have with Blue Iguana Cantina, no tortilla chips available. The food is delicious and they have so many salsas, but why no chips?
  7. Here's a list of most of the drink menus on Carnival currently. You'll see cocktail prices and wines by the glass. https://cruisespotlight.com/carnival-cruise-line-drink-menus-and-pricing Carnival's mixed drinks are really reasonably priced, and I think the most expensive standard drink its like $14 but the standard is between $10 and $12
  8. If you're paying for the Cheers package with OBC, that mean you'll have to get it while onboard right? So you're not getting the discounted 10% price? Just want to make sure. I hate that I can't use the OBC for stuff like excursions that I pre-book online.
  9. Right now Chibang is no additional cost, but they said that's just for the "inaugural season" and then they'll decide how to continue. I assume if they do start charging, it will be similar to JiJI's which it replaced ($15 flat fee per person). Rudi's is $38 flat fee.
  10. I'm so curious as well. I don't know if they're going with a "French Quarter" zone like on Mardi Gras or a whole new themed zone for Celebration. Haven't seen any possible release dates for more information yet. It might depend on how well the venues are received on Mardi Gras before they officially decide what to do.
  11. There's a bunch of current bar menus here, but still missing a few: https://cruisespotlight.com/carnival-cruise-line-drink-menus-and-pricing
  12. Here's the menu for the Brass Magnolia and Fortune Teller. https://cruisespotlight.com/carnival-cruise-line-drink-menus-and-pricing The Fortune Teller ones looks really interesting and reasonably priced. Will definitely have to try a few
  13. When I was on the Horizon in Mar 2020, they were testing free Pig and Anchor for dinner on that sailing. They said specifically that it was a test for the Mardi Gras to see if people would eat other places than the main dining room if they didn't have to pay. They were hoping to avoid over crowding in the dining rooms (I'm guessing they didn't make them big enough and were assuming people would go to other places).
  14. This calculator helps determine if it's worth it. It has the average drink costs based on the recent sailings. https://cruisespotlight.com/drink-package-calculator
  15. I did a January cruise from Baltimore a few years ago and wouldn't do it again. So much time is wasted being trapped inside the ship. That being said, I was on a smaller/older ship, the Carnival Pride. The Anthem of the Seas has a lot more indoor areas/facilities and covered pools so that could change it, but personally, from now on I'm flying down to Florida for winter cruises. It's just a much more fun experience to start off the whole cruise on a warm note.
  16. Yeah, I think they really are counting on the food venues being all spaced out and getting people out of the buffet. On smaller ships like the Pride, for lunch I'd get food from Guys, the Pizza Place, The Deli and the Buffet all within a short distance and eat in the buffet. With the Mardi Gras, they've all on different floors, so people will naturally have to spread out. I loved the look of Guy's Burgers, a proper queue that's sizeable rather than a twisty line that runs into the Lido Pool area like on most ships. The one downside is if you're with a group, you're all going to have to agree on what to eat.
  17. This tool does the math to see if the Cheers package is worth it for people. The average drink prices are from the current prices seen on the Horizon (which match the prices from 2019) https://cruisespotlight.com/drink-package-calculator As to the original topic, I really hate that the Cheers package isn't included on Half Moon Cay. Last time I was there, I was literally on the tender with the alcohol and bartenders being brought over from the ship. It's ridiculous that they say it's not included there, but yeah, they'd end up loosing a lot of money.
  18. Wow, Carnival was really doing work to improve the ships during shutdown. They made quite a few changes and managed to keep them secret. First, they removed the Casino Bar for the Vista-class ships. Now they've added a new smoke-free casino on the Dream-class ships. It replaces the old conference rooms. I like it as an option because it still gives people the ability to smoke and gamble if they like, but for those who don't like a smoky atmosphere, they can go to a separate venue. https://cruisespotlight.com/carnival-introduces-an-additional-smoke-free-casino-on-the-carnival-breeze-carnival-dream-and-carnival-magic
  19. Yeah, I really wish they'd allow it. I have $800 in OBC to use ($600 for cancelled cruise, $100 for new cruise, and $100 for stock holder) and I wanted it all to go to excursions. I hate waiting to book until I'm on board because some do sell out and I have a few excursions that I really wanted. Guess I'll just have to risk it (except the one I really want, that one I'll just shell out the cash upfront)
  20. If someone gets a chance, can you post some of the drink menus? Really want to see if Carnival jacked up the pricing to compensate for a lost year
  21. No immediate confirmation, it was very confusing that it was even accepted. Almost a full day later, I got an email titled "CCL Reimbursement Form" from Guest Admin that confirmed everything. It looks like it's just their customer service agents processing them, so it might take a bit more than 24 hours with all the sailings about ot start.
  22. When I was on the Horizon in March 2020 (last before shutdown), they made Guy's PIg and Anchor Smokehouse was free for dinner. The manager said they were testing it for Mardi Gras. They wanted to see if people would skip the main dining room for speciality restaurants if there was no charge. Apparently they were worried about crowds and not enough room in the dining rooms with so many people on the Mardi Gras. It'll be interesting to see if they keep Pig & Anchor, Cuchina Del Capitano, and Chibang free. I could still see them charging to Fahrenheit, Emerils and Rudy's Seagrill as they're higher cost.
  23. I wonder if they'll keep it free. When I was on the Horizon in March 2020 (last before shutdown), Guy's Pig and Anchor Smokehouse was free to dinner. They said they were testing it out for the Mardi Gras. They wanted to see if they offered speciality restaurants for free, if people will go there instead of the main dining room. Apparently, they were worried with not enough room and big crowds in the dining rooms with so many people on the Mardi Gras. That being said, the "free" dinner at Guy's was not as good as the paid one. It was basically just the free sea day BBQ selections. It wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't as good as the paid menu was.
  24. You can book your new cruise however you want. Then once it's booked, use the link below to submit it. I did it two weeks ago. It took them less than 24 hours to email me with confirmation of my $600 and applying the amount I paid to my new cruise. https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx
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