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  1. In San Juan there was a Burger King.We , husb. and I bought Large Cokes.Run is cheap and plentiful in San Juan. We had a delightful day sightseeing ,sipping and shopping. We then bought bottles of water.(I don't ever buy bottled water) Rum is clear...... I brazenly stuck my "water" bottles in my beach bag, managed a bored look as the bag was scanned and ...voila! Rum and coke on the balcony. It's not that I'm a true cheapskate, we certainly bought enough of their drinks to lessen the guilt. As a matter of fact,at the end of the trip,some of the "fun" left when we saw the total on our Fun card! I just don't like their "this confiscation policy is to control underage drinking" BS. It is, purely and simply :you drink, you drink THEIR drinks and it gets costly.
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