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  1. Thank you to everyone who is providing information. Very interesting!
  2. Thank you for your detailed response w/lots of good information. Glad to hear you enjoyed the trip. Except for the long lines and the little bit of a cold.
  3. Has anyone recently returned from a South American cruise: Buenos Aires to Santiago or vice-versa? How was the trip? Any suggestions? Any tips? We are sailing in a few weeks and wanted to hear the latest information. Thanks for your input.
  4. Not as exciting as a game show, but much more cerebral and useful, would be to read David McCullough's excellent tome on the building of the canal..."The Path Between the Seas". His insight into this incredible project is mesmerizing, but not for the faint of heart. The time it takes to read will be repaid in spades (pun intended) as you make the transit. Hint: unless your're an English major and graduated Summa Cum Laude, you might wish to have a dictionary nearby. steve
  5. Long ago (and far away), I had my boots polished....didn't realize it was the cabin steward who did the deed. Have never asked again, and won't. Those guys and gals work like dogs and I wouldn't even think of adding another task to their day. steve
  6. we've been bringing our own wines on board since 2000 and more than 30 cruises. Before the brouhaha with the stickers, we just packed our wines in a styrofoam 12 bottle shipping box and sent it through on the plane and on to our room, but no more. Here's how we do it and have never lost a single bottle (I'm sure i'm gonna regret having said that!). Wrap every single bottle, individually, in a large disposable baby diaper (I, myself, prefer a clean one). Then put the diapered bottle in a 2.5 gallon hefty brand zip lock bag, and do it again...meaning, double bagged. Then we put those double bagged bottles side by side in our 21" hard sided rolling bag...holds 10 bottles. If we need more than 10 bottles, as we will when we do the 14 day Regal out of Buenos Aires in Feb, we'll probably pack a couple of extras in a similar manner, in our regular luggage, and just carry them on board. We try to stay out of the naughty room and just pay at security. If the posts about the stickers seems confusing, it's because it is and gets applied somewhat erratically, depending on who's scrutinizing and how much skin they have in the game. s
  7. unfortunately, at least on the Royal, they didn't have Fox Sports, so I didn't get to see my alma mater beat up on our arch rivals, The University of Michigan! s
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