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  1. On the Oasis in May and the current price is $59. Started at $56 a few weeks ago. I keep hearing about this "Labor Day" or "Black Friday" sale that should be coming. I really hope for that. $487 total for the week, may just be too over the top for this luxury. Let me ask, is anyone else like me...If I do not have the package, I will have a drink in the afternoon by the pool, then a cocktail with dinner. That's about $26 per day or $182 for the week. I tend to be very cheap in some ways, lol. But, if I get the drink package, then I am getting Specialty Coffee in the morning, perhaps another with lunch, or maybe a beer. Then 4-5 Margaritas or Pina Coladas thru the day at the pool. Three Gin and Tonics at Dinner, a couple drinks at a show or any other entertainment at night, then if I am playing blackjack it could be another 2 or 3 depending on how long my $$ lasts. Plus bottled waters thru the day. That works out to be the equivalent of about $180 per day. That's how I justify the very high cost of the plan and get past my cheapness as I feel like I get great value. Who am I kidding. i am getting the drink plan eve if it says at the current price. (Don't tell RCI)
  2. Finally back into that sweet spot where I can take the kids again "NOT" during the summer. Got 2 insides on Oasis out of NJ in May 2020 for $1700 each. Never thought I was ever going to be able to get on an Oasis Class ship for anywhere near that. Now lets see a nice drop in the Drink package and I will be Golden!!
  3. Ugh! That was not the answer I was hoping to hear. Carrying 6 bottles of Wine in my backpack onto the ship is not going to be fun. Oh well.
  4. I was hoping I can get some clarity about the Wine policy. I was going to bring several bottles on board. I am completely aware that I will pay $15 for a 750Ml and $30 for a 1.5ML for Corkage. My question is: Do I need to bring this wine with me as a carry-on, so they can record how many bottles I have and charge my Account, or can I keep the bottles in a box, and have them put on the ship with the rest of my Luggage? Not sure how they would count them to charge me this way... I really want to avoid having to carry 6 bottles of wine around the ship prior to going to my room. Anyone have any insight on this? TIA
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