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    Park & Cruise Hotels in Tampa?

    Try http://parksleepfly.com They have about 5 Places that allow you to park and cruise. We are staying at Howard Johnsons for $109 + taxes and they allow parking and shuttle to port.
  2. motoxermom

    DoubleTree in Tampa

    Okay, This hotel situation is driving me crazy!! I called the Doubletree a month ago for a room in Aug and they said they do not offer shuttle and that I would have to pay to leave my car. I have seen other people saying they get a shuttle to and from port and are leaving their car. I know they have the fly and cruise deal and someone said they would make it a park and fly but they told me it was not an option. I am wonderind if I bid on priceline for a room and once I get there will they allow me to park my car and give me a ride to the port. So if someone has been there or knows how they actually work things please let me know. I am desperate.