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  1. Are there cove balconies on the Panorama?
  2. I haven't checked the roll call in a bit because it was a little slow. But I would love to link up with more single and solo passengers so I will check it out. There is also a FB group for this cruise. Have you joined that? I'm so excited to see this ship.
  3. Wow thanks! I've never even heard of it, but I will be sure to try it. Thanks again!
  4. I have reservations at them all too. I did the same on my solo cruise on the Sunshine last year. I had a ball.
  5. Thanks everyone. This is my third solo cruise (Divorced empty nester), I dine solo all the time. I've even done the Chef's table and other specialty restaurants solo. I'm not sure why dining at the steakhouse solo makes me a bit uneasy. I'm going to take some of your advice and get a table though. I'll be back with a review. 🙂
  6. I travel solo a lot, and I eat at a table (even at home) I just prefer sitting at the bar. I may just take your advice this time though. Thank you! ❤️
  7. Yes ma'am, I will most definitely be doing a review. 🙂
  8. So, I'll be on the Horizon on Sept 7. I'm going solo. I was looking at pics of the Steakhouse and noticed they have a bar with stools. May I eat at the bar in the steakhouse?
  9. I don't know the answer to your question, but just wanted to say that I'll be on the same cruise...Solo. I personally would pay less through SAS ($15pp) and arrive at your allotted time just to be on the safe side. I had a horrible experience with Carnival transportation awhile back. Never again.
  10. Is the juice included with the cheers package?
  11. I'll be taking my first solo cruise on the Sunshine in September (8 days!). I'm a little...just a little nervous. Does Carnival host some sort of Singles Meet & Greet at anytime during the cruise? I did check the Solo Cruisers board, but it's dry over there.
  12. I leave for my Conquest Cruise in 3 weeks. I just received an email that says you receive a free bottle of wine on the first or SECOND night of the cruise if you dine in the steakhouse. Can someone confirm that you now receive it on the second night as well? I thought it was only on the first.
  13. Here are mine The Glory 2010 The Victory...San Juan 2011 The Legend, almost two weeks ago Another from the Legend
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