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  1. Exactly! They really should give two points per night. We should protest. lol
  2. I thought the same, and yes that's what the rules state, but I figured I was paying for two people, I'm gonna try to bring on two bottles of wine. The worst they could do is make me toss one. They didn't bat an eye. #shrugs
  3. You're welcome! Was it your first solo? If so, did you also like it better than cruising with others?
  4. St Maarten :o One last pic of me, just because I like the pic. LOL Thanks for following along and sorry about the delay in finishing!!
  5. A mojito at a bar in St Maarten Homemade rum in St Maarten, I bought 2!
  6. Atrium, with Mikey dancing on the bar Platinum gift Mojito Chocolate martini Sometimes they had the comedy shows in the lounge which was GREAT!
  7. Pizza From the Serenity deck Tempura roll at Bonsai Edamame appetizer at Bonsai
  8. My favorite I guess this is why I only gained a pound. St Kitts My favorite pizza Pizza in the elevator. LOL
  9. Love and marriage show Walking into the Havana Bar area I like this pic. Sigh... St Maarten
  10. The Vista and The Sunshine in Grand Turk Jack's Shack A strong drink that this guy suggested I try. He was right on. Wish I remembered the name of it. My platinum gift. It has an insulated cooler at the bottom. I like it. A cool painting that I liked We woke up to this one morning
  11. I'm back to post some random pics. Mikey the Cruise Director...hilarious His suits were crazy A dress I bought in St Kitts for $20 :o Theeeee BEST turkey ever. Who is the vendor? I would LOVE to know
  12. You're welcome and thanks for reading. The Apothic white was a little sweet, not too much, but it was delicious and I normally hate sweet wine. That tomato soup was delicious as well! And I love those 4J cabins. Absolutely love them. :)
  13. Thank you!! You are going to have such a good time! I'm jealous :( lol
  14. :halo: I also see that you're in Chicago, I'm in Milwaukee. 24 solo cruises, huh? I wanna be like you when I grow up! lol
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