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  1. I love to wear simple, lightweight dresses on a cruise. I'll wear a black dress two nights on a 7 night cruise, and take 4-5 other dresses. I find they take up less room than pants and shirts, are simpler than having to match outfits, and they don't wrinkle! Plus if I gain a couple pounds, they are still comfortable, unlike pants that would be too snug in the waist by day 4! I put my dresses in the suitcase still on the hangers, stacked on top of each other, and fold them over once. They go straight into the cabin closet when I get there - easy peasy! All that said, to each her own on what you prefer. Just don't try to tell me dresses take up more room than pants and tops! 🙂
  2. Thank you! I saw the Anglican church and we'll probably go there. I was under the impression it was within walking distance, but do you not think so? Or is it just not a good place to walk? Thanks again. Leigh
  3. What time does your ship sail? If not until 8, I"d just take a taxi. Much cheaper and there are hundreds of them lined up at the airport.
  4. How late are you talking about? Many of the restaurants and clubs in Old San Juan stay open very late on Friday nights. Taxi is about 15 minutes from the airport and it's a fun place to stay. We have stayed in Casablanca many times.
  5. We will be in St Kitts on Easter Sunday, and would like to attend a Protestant service, preferably Lutheran, but not necessary. Is there a church we can walk to from the port? Or how far would the closest church be that we could taxi to? Thank you! Leigh
  6. Fishbone, thank you so much for your detailed explanations of the buses and the beaches! I knew I wanted to go to the beach in Aruba, and maybe Curacao, but like you, I prefer the quieter, less people-y beaches. Thank you again!!
  7. Thank you for the great review and all the helpful comments. I wondered if they put the sails up at all, or just motored?
  8. Wondering the same. Hope someone can answer!
  9. What is "the junk?" Was it a sailboat or catamaran? Thank you!
  10. It was still Quisine on the April 6th cruise.
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