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  1. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    In late January on Edge bypassed the Retreat disembarkation, left our cabin at 8:00 and in our car but 8:20. When we got to the gangway deck we were asked what number tag we had and were told to proceed directly to the gangway. Much prefer that than waiting in mass to be escorted off together. Thanks for your insight on this thread, you have been very insightful and helpful. Katie
  2. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    But were you not escorted to the elevator that took you up to the Suites embankment waiting area and greeted by Celebrity staff? Once there offered coffee, juice, water and pastries? While relaxing someone checked us in and at our leisure we could board as this lounge area is right at the gangway? I guess we had very different expectations, the Suites embankment on Edge we thought was very nice.
  3. When we cruised on Edge January 20th the app was accurate. Check it once onboard and the correct menus should be there. Cruisestitch was on the first 7 day cruise back in early December and much has changed since then all for the better.
  4. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    Thank you for your reply and I agree with you about MaBell’s post.
  5. Thanks, we sleep with the White Noise app’s “Stream Water Flowing” so hopefully it will drown out the the early morning scrapping.
  6. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    Thanks for your reply and glad you appreciate the Zenith benefits. The new builds furniture is indeed a bit crazy and annoying.
  7. Oville

    Sewage smell throughout Celebrity Edge?

    As C-Dragons passed it to us, no odors and we had a few minor items fixed like a squeaky bathroom door. It is a wonderful cabin and welcome to the. 112** Club.
  8. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    This thread has gone a bit off the rails. I think it started out about Charles meeting with The Loyalty person. Next there was a discussion about a level between Elite Plus and Zenith. Now it has focused for a few pages on the couple of hundred Zeniths having their feelings hurt. Don’t you all get the premium beverage package, free internet, access to Michaels Club/Retreat Lounge, free cruises at different levels and perhaps even more? What am I missing? Charles, maybe you can help me out here, why are Zenith members so angry? Thanks, Katie
  9. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    I though Zenith cruisers get the Premium Beverage Package and free internet.
  10. Oville

    Internet access

    Yes, Hotspot is off when Cellular Data is off. I just turned it off on a second device and Hotspot disappeared on my iPad.
  11. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    You do understand Virgin Voyages demand a non-refundable $700 deposit with up to one year to transfer. Also most cabins do not have chairs to sit on rather the beds convert to a sofa by day. We booked an October 2020 aft Cheeky Corner Suite (312 sqft) because it actually has a semi-circular love seat rather than the single hanging basket chair in cheaper suites. We are still eyes wide open at the cost of our 4 day cruise but we are committed to it because it will be different and hopefully a lot of fun. Not sure I can agree any one will be sailing free. If you think Virgin Voyages is going to draw a huge sailing group from Celebrity I think you are mistaken. Remember the tattoo parlor and the promised orgy atmosphere does sound like your average Celebrity Client.
  12. How about the noise from above on deck 12? We have two booked, Equinox and Silhouette. Thanks, Katie
  13. Oville

    Rest in Peace CAPinBoynton

    Mike, very sorry for your loss. Katie
  14. Oville

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    I think is is very naive to think the gap between Elite+ and Zenith does not play a roll in people checking out other cruise lines. It has for us and we’ve had a few disappoints but also some hits. We still cruise a few Celebrity cruises a year but other lines are now on our schedule. 2020 has us trying out Virgin Voyages and we are very happy with Viking Ocean.
  15. Oville

    As of today 3/14/19

    The non-refundable fare policy went into effect on November 28, 2017 and has included one free perk since then. There’s nothing new here.