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  1. For those that think that warm weather kills COVID-19, take a look at this for Naples, FL. It has been very warm for many weeks before May:
  2. Charles, just curious what’s her position is on the Millennium?
  3. And when did this cruise originally embark? Also why did the Captain repeatedly assure passengers that there was no Coronavirus without testing?
  4. Nice neighbors. I’m Katie (Kathy) and husband is Jeff. We usually would be back on Cape Cod by now but.... Not sure when cruising will start again but we are not planning anything. Luckily we have received most of our refunds. Hope we meet soon, Katie
  5. Oh so good to hear from you. We are 6005, and you?
  6. But what % of the flu deaths each year are nursing homes? Also, where did you get the 61% stat.
  7. I live in Naples, Fl. Restaurants and shops will go from 25% capacity to 50% Monday. Beaches on the weekends are only opened 7-11am and 5-sunset in the evenings. Not sure where you are getting your info from but it is not factual. People are still wearing masks while shopping, gyms will open Monday at limited capacity. That is the west coast of Florida, not the cruise counties across to the east where the biggest outbreaks of Corona are happening. Good luck with your July cruise, but probably not happening.
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