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  1. Great review, thanks, it’s bringing up fond memories of our Edge cruises.
  2. Would you be kind enough to share the link as I can’t find it. It is the January 15, 2021 cruise. Thanks
  3. I suggest you read this whole thread as your quote is from December 14, 2018. Our January and April Edge cruises had no one from the Eden show appearing anywhere else on the ship other than In Eden.
  4. We were on Edge with a group of 700 women in April and didn’t realize it was an organized group until the end of the cruise. They certainly livened up the Martini Bar at night. The group ranged from 20s to probably 60s. We’ve been on Edge 3 times, twice in an IV cabin that we really liked and once in an aft S1 corner that we loved. Next up for us is an S3 in January.
  5. We’ve never have had an issue using white noise through a phone on a cruise. The app is on the phone and does not use data or WiFi. We used to bring a Bluetooth speaker but decided on our last few cruises a phone speaker works just as well. Our fav is “Rain, Rain”.
  6. You are quite right, it’s a pic posted on December 16, 2018. Much had changed by our January 20th Edge cruise and by our April 6th Edge cruise, the Edenist were gone from public places and were available only at the Eden show which only occurred few times a week.
  7. We are across the pond, HPL, small world. Celebrity is are go to cruise line but don’t live in Naples year round. We’ll have to meet this winter, I love walking down Waverly Green.
  8. BTW, enjoying your review. We too are big fans of the Hilton Marina.
  9. I found it very interesting to read women serving on the bridge for Celebrity went from 3% in 2015 to 22% in 2019. What is your vision for 2024? Also are you looking looking to expand women’s roles in other places on the ships? Thank you.
  10. We cruise Celebrity a number of times a year, often in suites. Sadly a female butler has never been part of our experience. As part of your #CrewUpWithWomen do you intend to promote women to this roll, it’s way overdue. Thank you.
  11. I’d look at the Hilton Marina, very convenient to the pier
  12. I’m not sure the apps work well on all ships.
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