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  1. Hotels mostly have 11:00-12:00 checkouts, flight times become moot if you fly in the day before and drivers can kill time if they want to arrive super early. When cruising begins again in FL it’s not going to be 2019, this pandemic has change our lives and we have to adapt. Hopefully things will change down the road but not in the summer of 2021. Also, this should apply to suites guests.
  2. Very true, but if they don’t start checking people in til... I live in South Florida, I wouldn’t want to wait in line 10 minutes let alone an hour or two.😉🌞
  3. Would it make any sense to have some lag time between those disembarking and those embarking? For example everyone off by 9:30 and check in doesn’t start til noon.
  4. Thanks, still loved that aft corner S1 but they’re hard to comeby.
  5. How big is the bedroom in a CS? We did a cabin crawl way back when and if I have the right cabin in mind, the BR looked tight but that could have been the next suite up with the TV hanging over the bed. Thanks
  6. That would be a big improvement, thanks and fingers crossed.
  7. I think X made a mistake not having a bar in the Edge Retreat.
  8. Thank you for agreeing with me, the Retreat has no bar but the Retreat Pool Bar does and having lunch up there is a treat.
  9. Do you honestly think everyone will be vaccinated on April 19th with the J & J vaccine so 2 weeks later all will be back to normal? (Moderna and Pfizer take 5 and 6 weeks, respectively. It is going to take many, many months to get all who want a vaccine to get one.
  10. Is there a bar in the Edge Retreat? My recollection is that drinks are served by attendants and made in a back room. Now the Retreat pool deck is an entirely different story, great bar and bartenders.
  11. We stayed in S1 10152 in January 2020, 5 cabins forward of the Magic Carpet. Here’s a pic from our veranda.
  12. I’ve got to say comparing getting a license or license plates to dealing with a pandemic has hit a new low on here. Agree they are both government agencies. 25% of adults have been vaccinated in the US and that is great news. Does it mean opening up cruising ASAP makes any sense?
  13. Unfortunately not to many people read paper newspapers anymore. I subscribe to 5 online and only get a paper copy of one and only on Sunday.
  14. See my response to cruisestitch, the same reply to your post.
  15. I’m in your camp on this. The word that comes to mind I’d tacky, fight your own battles Celebrity.
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