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  1. I suggested this before, just spend the time on a land trip in Fl. You can easily drive to the Keys or your GF’s dresses would definitely work on 5th Ave and other places in Naples. It’s just a 2 hour drive across Alligator Alley.
  2. How about canceling your cruise, keep the flights and hotel and spending some time in the Keys. Your dress buying is very generous so live it up in Fl.
  3. Where did you read that? They are not eating indoors but no mention of staying home. I bit harsh on your part.
  4. Doesn’t sound like the Blu I ate in on Edge. Where were the darn too many pillows?
  5. Back to Captain Kate, what a great achievement.
  6. Jim, a bit late to the topic. The first time we visited the Bay Area in the late 80s we picked Tiberon as our base. I fell in love with the place, totally ideal. The only problem was the daily commute to Boston would have been a bit rough.😉 Thanks for the pix, happy memories. Katie
  7. What’s your point, “gals” today might become cutthroat?😉 Agree with you, there are too few for our time.
  8. And on her social media site 55,000 have viewed her Beyond post.😄
  9. Kate does a pretty good job of promoting herself and Celebrity. She has 308,000 followers on…
  10. Please post the link that names them Thanks
  11. Sadly you sound bitter which I am sure was not your intent. Captain Kate has become the new, young face of Celebrity. She is energetic, very public on and off the ship, and has given Celebrity a needed facelift.
  12. They will get to you eventually. We canceled a few cruises with them in the last month or 2, NEVER AGAIN..
  13. Who was the Captain on the Eclipse that couldn’t dock in Chile and spent a long time at sea before finally docking in San Diego. I’m not asking this to be sarcastic but I thought it was Tasos. It didn’t end well as I recall. There were Covid deaths and spread from that cruise.
  14. Why? Does a older male with seniority make the best captain? In my opinion your post is a judgement on Kate’s ability.
  15. As am I, two Pfizer shots in Florida and a Pfizer booster a few days ago in Massachusetts.
  16. Nothing about an S3 is like and IV. Deck 7 will be perfect. Check out the suites’ benefits.
  17. Not a big shock. So happy for Kate it’s well deserved.
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