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    DRYDOCK------Diamond Princess

    No, 2005 dry dock was for general maintenance (hull painting, engine overhaul and lots of other things) and for replacing the propellers as one was damaged by the crash in Victoria, B.C. Since then the aft section was shaking like a wet dog at full speed which really got better after dry dock...:D Her sister Sapphire went to the same dry dock exactly one year later for more or less the same repairs (except for the propellers...) As these ships (as well as all the other cruise ships) are constantly in operation they have to go to dry dock much earlier than after 5 years!
  2. cruiser23456

    Questions about "You Made a Difference" Cards

    No, the tips are not mandatory for Europeans anymore. Didn't know that was in place once... I guess this was "thrown overboard" to attract more Europeans and maybe to treat everyone equally? And yeah, yet another thread about tipping... :eek: :) I think calling the whole thing "tipping" is misleading anyway. Let's face it: You pay the wages. And that is not the original idea behind tipping someone.
  3. cruiser23456

    Questions about "You Made a Difference" Cards

    Didn't read the whole thing, hm? :D They DO NOT. Of course one will look at the cards received during the discussion about who will be the next EOM but as said also "behind the scenes" employees become EOM and they will hardly ever get a Blue Card (That's how we call them)
  4. cruiser23456

    Questions about "You Made a Difference" Cards

    First of all: Apologies to bring this thread back from the dead...:D @Largin: To be honest I rather stay out of the whole tipping discussion on this board...:( I do not belong to the crew "benefiting" from this system therefore my knowledge about the whole thing is limited. As far as I know most waiters, cabin stewards and all the others paid by tips prefer passengers not to remove it. I can see there is heaps of different opinions about this system on this board and it's quite interesting to read those threads. I would say everyone should decide for himself how to go about it. But please keep the following in mind: As long as the majority of passengers is American and Canadian it does not really matter if, let's say 200 out of 2800, remove the tips. As tipping is so customary in the States they still get enough money at the end of the cruise to have a good life (at home) even if 50 out of the 200 choose not to tip at all... On itineraries with a lot of Europeans and Australians among passengers the story becomes a little different though. As tipping is not very customary in a lot of these countries you can have 1400 out of 2800 removing the tips and 700 out of those 1400 not tipping at all... So as of course a main reason for working on board is money one can imagine how a crew member feels when at the end of the month they all of the sudden have only two thirds or half of what they usually get. Most of us have a life at home which is financed by our job on board and if money is missing it can become difficult at times. Whether the whole system is fair, convenient, the right way and so on I can and will not comment. Anyway, to go back to what this thread was about originally: Everyone working in a service orientated job appreciates and loves to be recognized and awarded for the work and service he or she is doing and providing. Whether this is done with tips, comment cards or even a simple smile and a thank you does not matter (at least for me) EVERY gesture is appreciated! I know, for the majority, especially in this board, this is common sense. But sadly over the last few years I witnessed a decrease in simple skills like being able to say thank you...:confused:
  5. cruiser23456

    Questions about "You Made a Difference" Cards

    Well, all I know is that during the monthly department meetings everyone can put in a name of whom he thinks deserves to become employee of the month. This then is discussed and at the end one to three names are passed on to the heads of department meeting. Out of there emerges the employee of the month and some runner ups. At the beginning of the month a little nomination party is held and from there onwards the employee of the month wears the badge and shows up on the Captain's Cocktail Party until the next one is elected.
  6. cruiser23456

    Questions about "You Made a Difference" Cards

    Originally I only came here to look (and it's quite interesting sometimes) but this one I have to comment. I work on board and I can assure you that every single card DOES mean a lot to us (well, to 95% of us). It's a great feeling to receive a card directly from you but it is also great to receive the card(s) a cruise later form the supervisors. Either way, it makes us feel good, it's always a great recognition for our work. I still have all my cards I have received and from time to time I look at them and remember the passengers & stories behind it...:rolleyes: As said before you can give these cards directly to the crew member, drop them of at the purser's desk, give it to the supervisor (a head waiter for example)... They always make their way to the person mentioned on it. And as you often don't know the last name: it is ok to put the first name only but make sure you also put down the rank and the restaurant & table number, bar or which ever place the crew member works. If there is two with the same first name we usually remember the passenger name on the card. @bdjam: The employee of the month is not the one with the most cards. Otherwise employees from behind the scenes would never become EOM (and they do occasionally). The whole process is a bit more complex. And, as mentioned before they of course play a role in evaluations.