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  1. Sorry, I missed the thread it was posted on. It seem relevant to this one.
  2. There is a YouTube video from June 29, some maybe corporates fluff but it is interesting. Search An important message from Christine Duffy of Carnival Cruise Line
  3. I see you have two post running about luggage. RELAX Think "luggage is just a box to carry your stuff in." and you will be ok. Some just buy more expensive boxes. I rotate between two depending on the cruise I an taking. 1 is a long roiling duffle. Its about 15x15 on the end so it will go through the x-ray machine, since its 4' long they have to x-ray each end but it means I can carry it on and not have to check it. It must be checked at the airport so I only use it when I drive to port. My other option is a 24" hard side spinner I got from Stein Mart I think. it and its matching 19" carry on were less than $125 or so. Its a very basic set. DW has a nicer set, a lightweight softside which means we don't even match each other. So you pick what you like, your travel companion can pick theirs and if you have kids let them pick what meets their personality just as long as it can carry their stuff
  4. Did a Australia / New Zealand casino offer back in Feb March just before all the covid hit. You have to work with someone from Australia casino office. Make sure you let them know your status. Your status might not show up when you do check-in as you have to go to their website to check-in. (was told they are working on that) After reading the Australia boards I followed their suggestion and took a old card with me to show the terminal staff. once on board the pursers desk will make sure your status is correct. They had ours correct from the start. Australia casinos are a little deferent. No smoking for one, no special drawings for casinos members, you can open an account with the casinos and you can exchange your US$ for AUS$. They will not go the other way
  5. google earth should;d give you a better idea on the layout. might try the ncl board to get an idea of which terminal NCL uses
  6. The quoted Miami Herald article (may 31) says CDC has had no contact with cruise lines but the NCL article linked by sunonfire which I think just came out today has this statement NCL has been working closely with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to add new protocols to the cruise vacation experience due to the global health crisis and to help keep everyone safe moving forward. Don't want to give an opinion but just pointing out the differences in reports that are being put out Just waiting for August 1st to see what happens
  7. When I did my research on the Australia and New Zealand boards it was referred to as a visa. But I stand corrected. Thank you
  8. Yes and No. You need the electronic visa NZeTA to do a cruise. Even for residents from visa weaver countries. See link above. Something to consider. Australia cost is AU$20 (13.91US) and good for 1 year and New Zealand is good for two years and is NZ$9 (5.52US) or NZ$12 (7.37US). Be sure to use a CC that does not charge currency Conversion fees. I have two CC's and one does change and the other does not.
  9. Yes Australia https://www.eta.homeaffairs.gov.au/ETAS3/etas New Zealand https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/apply-for-a-visa/about-visa/nzeta
  10. I will 2nd that. I went on a cruise out of Australia that went to New Zealand also. Even though I flew in to Melbourne from the US then got on a cruise ship I need both visa's for Australia and New Zealand. They will need to check every country they will visit.
  11. I have a rolling duffel that is a little longer than most. Too long to carry on a airplane but it will fit thru the port x-ray due to its small HxD so I can carry it on. They might have to x-ray it in two parts but that is ok. I can pack the same amount in it as a 24" spinner which has to be checked at most ports.
  12. Wow. This topic changed it tone quickly. I was on the Sprite out of Australia in Jan-Feb when this all started. The Casino on the Sprite is NON-Smocking. I was told it was going to stay that way until they got to Hawaii on there planed Transpacific. of course that didn't happen. Not sure if that is carnival policy or Australia rules. A side comment about weight loss as a benefit. I had a lot of people tell me they smoke to keep from gaining weight. I have never actually said it to their face but have my thoughts are by looking at them. "It's not working"
  13. After the US opens up it will be depended on which islands want to risk it vs the tourism dollars. As far as Texas the Vista and Dream are off the coast of Florida now and the Freedom is on its way according to the ship trackers. RCCL is still hanging around Galveston. Just speculation but if Carnival gets of most of it ships together in Florida then when the ports open up they can quickly move crew around to get the first set of ships ready to go for a limited schedule. They have sent a lot of crew home and it will take a while to get them back.
  14. If it's one of the casino cruises like premier or elite then they will waive the fee.
  15. I would suggest opening up google maps satellite view (our your other favorite mapping program) and map your walk. google shows .2 mile 5 minute walk you do have to cross a 4 lane busy street at a light but that will be for most of the other parking places too.
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