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  1. I would stay at one of the airport hotels. There are a lot to chose from and pick one with a free shuttle. That gives the option of going back to the airport to pick up a port shuttle or private ride. There are numerous threads about Houston port shuttles in the past but nobody knows yet which ones will still be in business when things get back to normal. Check back here to find the best options. One thing to think about is after a long flight with a small child, getting off the plan, luggage, catching a ride (uber, lyft or taxie then an hour plus car ride you are not going to get to
  2. Who knows what the new processes will be but in the last 10yrs they changed the layout to improve the traffic flow. with FTTF you will not have to worry about your time slot. Sometimes the breeze way outside get congested when people show up outside of there time slot. but once you get in the front door it moves fairly smoothly. Id/Passport check. security then upstairs to waiting area. Since Carnival has started putting your cards in your stateroom mailbox you do not have to that last check-in line. I have gone through the entire process in as short as 30 minutes.. The disembarkation ha
  3. A couple of points to add to the discussion The port of Galveston now has an agreement with Lyft for drop off Port of Galveston, TX - Official Website When you rent the car at IAH check the drop off charge at Hobby, the shuttle/uber/lyft ride will be cheaper and the difference may make up for the drop off charge. Consider drop off the day before and uber to Galveston and spending your last night there. Most hotels offer cheap or free shuttles to pier. A lot less stress when making your way across Houston the day off. To get back to IAH there are a lot o
  4. reads like a political article, which I take with a grain of salt. At least until its been fact check by several sources. So it may be true or may be not.
  5. That is what they did in Australia. And a few US cruises but nothing general yet.
  6. I got mine last week but I can't check in until mid Dec. I am diamond but have always had to pick a check-in time before covid so its no big deal.
  7. I was on one just before Covid. back then you had to call them directly but now everything is together. so for #2 yes you can go with carnival USA. The answer to #1 is yes also but tips to crew are very welcome. When in port don't worry about tips to waiters, taxi drivers, etc. Sorry about #3 don't remember anything about prices. The $AUD is less than the $USD, about .73 cents so a $4 drink is only costing you 2.92 if my math is right. Also don't worry too much about converting your $USD to $AUD, the casino with exchange them for you, BUT will not change them back at the end of the cruis
  8. There is already a Carnival program for Loyalty Rocks! for TA's. They get points for each booking, taking training courses, etc.
  9. Up the balcony count, more efficient power plant and automation to cut the crew count. The idea would be to reduce the operating costs and make it desirable to sail on. I would like to see some solo cabins. Maybe solo balcony. They could put them between to normal balconies so they could also be used as MIL type family suite. Most ships I have been on cruise in the 17-19 kn. range with a max speed 23 kn .or so. ( some faster, some slower). How about having bragging rights for the fastest cruise ship currently sailing. With access to smaller ports that would give the itinerary p
  10. Went on a MSC cruise a couple of years ago that was a Baseball Hall of Fame cruise. Played in the casino with a few but did not go to there meet and greets. All seemed to be good guys.
  11. Well the Spirit is 88,500 and the Fantasy is 71,900 so lets split the difference at around 80,000-ton plus or minus a couple of tons Remember we are fantasizing here.
  12. A lot of cruisers like the size of the Fantasy class ships. With more efficient power plants, LNG for example and automation to cut the crew count down, we would hope the ship designers could make a under 80,000-ton ship that could be a money maker. Some of the other brands have these sizes of ship but they do not have the Carnival personality which is why we sail Carnival. Yes, I know we are looking four to five years out but let us fantasize and come of with some ideas for what we want or do not want to see in our new Fantasy II
  13. did one many years ago. yes the long walk but no foot traffic outside your room and unique view. I felt a little "fishtailing" movement but not enough to bother me. if your sensitive to movement may not be the cabin for you.
  14. my oct 6 transpacific from Hawaii is still in my profile and that has been canceled for months. So I would not worry
  15. Carnival has ships sitting at ports around the world. The Dream is in Manila. They could load up on staff for the other two Galveston ships and be back here in less than two weeks. Same for Europe. Guess the question would be from the date the CDC says Ok to go how long will it take to get ready to sail.
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