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  1. I don't use FTTF but it's to my advantage when others do. I see people carrying on ice chest, 12 packs, etc.. their total volume of carry on is greater than my check in. The quicker they get rid of it the less congestions there is in the buffet area, elevators and hall ways. Add kids with backpacks and those small roll-ons. I think it is worth it for those people. I prefer to check as much as I can and carry as little as possible.
  2. I use them all of the time. when using the shuttle just follow their rules. They will load the luggage first then the passengers. at port they unload luggage first them passengers. just relax and go with the flow. have seen some rude people, just slows the process down for the rest of us.
  3. my experience is between 11:30 and noon but have seen later. I THINK they start letting folks in around 10:30 but don't quote me. I am platinum and arrive at the terminal around 11:45 and by the time I get upstairs they are boarding.
  4. I live south of Dallas at a lake. about 300 mi to the port. 4-5 hrs no weather /traffic. check txdot website for construction delays. I usually leave around 5am the day of in case their are problems. If Huntsville is too far try Ennis (260m to port)or Corsicana(230mi to port). There is also a Buckles south of Houston take exit 17 BTW on the way back take some time to stop around Ennis to see the bluebonnets
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