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  1. Got off the Panorama yesterday. I was is the walk off Diamond group and and we started at 8:50. They have the new facial recognition kiosk if you have a passport, really fast. Buses were loading and left quickly and we were at LAX by 10:30. We were also able to fly standby on a 12:30 flight instead of our 2:30 scheduled flight. That was my experience anyway, hope yours is a smooth one.
  2. A lot depends on how you plan on getting to the port. Rental cars in Galveston are a pain. If you plan to only chill out for the night stay at a hotel around the airport. That gives the option of shuttling back to the airport for a ride to the pier. If you want to do some activities for the night head down to Galveston for the night. There is a lot of information that's been posted before of Galveston hotels and airport transportation
  3. Just filled it out online for my early morning flight. just says it been completed no info on who did it. printed out anyway for my DW and myself. They are exactly the same. My big concerned is someone doing a Freedom of information request and getting my email and phone
  4. There is a train museum across the street from the cruise terminal. Remember it can take long time to get to the airport, some people underestimate the travel time.
  5. July 24 sailing of Vista. No Crown
  6. Open up google maps and located the cruise terminal. search parking and you will find several that are walking or a short (free) shuttle ride away. I use ezcruise a short 3/10 mile walk but others swear by their favorite. you will find more good reviews than bad for most of them. Its very completive down there and most of them do a great job. Galveston.com is a good resource.
  7. Basically, which ever one you used for Terminal 1 use the same for Terminal 2. They are so close it doesn't make much difference. Now Terminal 3 will be completely different
  8. I done this several times. fly in the day before. Book a hotel that has a free shuttle to airport. Next morning, have the shuttle drop you near the baggage claim. To book go in to your cruise manager look under excursion for the homeport and you should find shuttles. It will ask you for flight info. I generally find a flight that arrives near the time I plan to get back to the airport and give them that. That makes their scheduling work better.
  9. Happing to me too. I did get in after several tries but all of my cruises were gone. Tried to add my next one back and it just sits there. I did my online check in this morning and there was no vaccine survey form to fill out then. Hope my online check in is still there.
  10. If I remember correctly there are small green signs usually above eyelevel or near the ceiling at the entrance to any of the public areas. Bars, lounges, MDR, etc. They will have the muster location number on them. They will also be vertically align with your cabin. If your cabin is aft, your muster station will be aft.
  11. According to the press release. Carnival is going to sail from Galveston BUT you will have to be vaccinated. IMHO I think that Carnival fail to realize the logistics for test cruises and realize they can not just put one together. Since they failed at that they must take the option of requiring vacations
  12. I have gotten the shareholder OBC with a free casino cruise. In fact just before COVID shut everything down I went on a 4 cruise B2B in Australia and received OBC for each. I was denied once a couple of years ago but no problem since. I hope it hasn't changed
  13. I have driven down from dfw area and stayed in the Woodlands and Webster. I found Webster had better options and places to eat. Last time I styed in a motel along I45 in the woodlands I found the place in badly need of remolding. If you don't want to go that far on your first leg I would consider Conroe a little bit to the north over the woodlands.
  14. Just thinking out loud. Would the PVSA apply to test cruises since their are no paying passengers? That question is way above my pay grade so I will leave it to smarter people than me.
  15. Never out of Galveston but many years ago NCL did sail out of Houston, so they do have some history here.
  16. Breeze a few minutes ago from the Emerald cam. Vista is following
  17. I would stay at one of the airport hotels. There are a lot to chose from and pick one with a free shuttle. That gives the option of going back to the airport to pick up a port shuttle or private ride. There are numerous threads about Houston port shuttles in the past but nobody knows yet which ones will still be in business when things get back to normal. Check back here to find the best options. One thing to think about is after a long flight with a small child, getting off the plan, luggage, catching a ride (uber, lyft or taxie then an hour plus car ride you are not going to get to your room n Galveston until after 11pm. A lot of stress on a little one. I would also bring your car seat with you. airlines will check it for you.
  18. Who knows what the new processes will be but in the last 10yrs they changed the layout to improve the traffic flow. with FTTF you will not have to worry about your time slot. Sometimes the breeze way outside get congested when people show up outside of there time slot. but once you get in the front door it moves fairly smoothly. Id/Passport check. security then upstairs to waiting area. Since Carnival has started putting your cards in your stateroom mailbox you do not have to that last check-in line. I have gone through the entire process in as short as 30 minutes.. The disembarkation has gotten much better also. Where it a little crazy is outside when the people leaving get tangled up with people arriving.
  19. A couple of points to add to the discussion The port of Galveston now has an agreement with Lyft for drop off Port of Galveston, TX - Official Website When you rent the car at IAH check the drop off charge at Hobby, the shuttle/uber/lyft ride will be cheaper and the difference may make up for the drop off charge. Consider drop off the day before and uber to Galveston and spending your last night there. Most hotels offer cheap or free shuttles to pier. A lot less stress when making your way across Houston the day off. To get back to IAH there are a lot of options found in other threads
  20. reads like a political article, which I take with a grain of salt. At least until its been fact check by several sources. So it may be true or may be not.
  21. That is what they did in Australia. And a few US cruises but nothing general yet.
  22. I got mine last week but I can't check in until mid Dec. I am diamond but have always had to pick a check-in time before covid so its no big deal.
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