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  1. Use a reputable TA! I missed the ship once and my TA 'saved' me! Will Carnival do that? Idk!
  2. We had a great time on the SOS, lol! Big ship, maybe to big for us! No near misses, lol! Next cruise is Carnival Panorama in April! The cruising continues!
  3. Thank you. Being accused of lying was the worse part... But it was worth it, if people learned from my mistakes!
  4. Good times, good times, lol!!
  5. We were hoping to get a few cabanas.. We'll see what happens! Yea, first real weekend, understandable! That's our idea of a great time, partying by/in the pool! Thanks for the info.!
  6. Great review! Because of you, we'll be heading to Loco Fresh on Embarkation Day! We'll be there on Saturday!
  7. We'll be there next week! Best news is the beer at buffet!! Sucks for the 'kids' though, having to wait that long for slide! That's total BS.....!!!!! We have a group of 25 going and wanted to get a cabana... but they've been gone for a long time. Any suggestions? Can you get them on board? At island? Thanks in advance!
  8. The rules change if you're prairie doggin' or have the FEAR!
  9. We're fans of all the cruise lines.... so far! Royal, Carnival and NCL... Shoot, any cruise beats work! We leave this Thurs for Symphony of the Seas! I wonder how many Caribe's would fit inside!?!
  10. Be responsible, people! Wear diapers and take the smell with you!!!!
  11. True, the ship wasn't that fancy, but everyone was nice and had a great time! From the employees to the passengers! I met a few workers and got to go down to the crew section a few nights.. I remember the drummer, he was black and from DC... I play drums also, so we were talking down below in a barmaids room.. Actually, the DJ took me down... I think he was a Filipino gent..... Great times, the 80's!
  12. Oh wow, great pix!!!! It's starting to come back, lol!!! You look very familiar, no lie! I love old pix...!
  13. Would've been nice if the Allure waited for me when I missed it! @$#@%!!!
  14. My kind of cruise!! https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/cruise-lines-staying-prepared-for-possible-pirate-attacks/ar-AAANDXL?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=mailsignout
  15. WOW! Did you take our picture, lol?! We got married 2 years after. Been married 32 years now! That was the funnest cruise ever. We've been on about 20 cruises so far. We still have many pictures of formal night, the dance contest, Oktoberfest, etc. I'm sure you took a few pictures of us or our group. We had about 15 people. Oh, and the costume party, lol! We dressed our 'older' friend as a nerd, grease in his hair and all! In San Juan, we did the Barcardi tour. In St. Thomas, we hired a driver and did some shopping and touring. In Puerto Plata, I don't remember, lol. And then there was Haiti, Cap Haitian! We got on a cab and went to a beach area. Sad place..... Great times! SMALL WORLD!!!
  16. My very first cruise in 1984! Anyone else cruise on her? I thought she was HUGE!!!!!! And so cool looking!!! The lounges, club, casino... Midnight buffets, chocolate, fancy parties! I fell in love!! Miss those days when cruises were more elegant! We sailed the Mexican Riviera...
  17. We did this cruise in Oct, 85! See my post here....
  18. Wow, you might have taken pictures of my girlfriend at the time (now my wife!) and a large group we were with! It was 1985, same ports as you listed above! My 'wife' and I won the dance contest, lol! It was during October, I loved Octoberfest on the ship! Free beer and Schnitzel's for an hour!! I would love to be 18 and have free beer again, lol! And be able to dance all night, lol! My wife's older roommates would get upset when she got in at about 2 am, lol!! Funny, I just found a pic of us!!
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