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  1. 2 hours ago, CAnative1 said:

    Thank you very much. I'm trying to find the one based in age and pre-existing health issues. I knew I should've saved it! 

  2. 8 minutes ago, firefly333 said:

    I've never heard of that policy. Maybe you mean if you show up to board and dont have a doctors note, and refused boarding, you get a refund?


    But not refund in advance I've heard of. Just fcc


    If they allowed you to cancel because of age or underlying condition, people would be allowed to cancel all over the place.


    I'm turning 70, so my non refundable deposit is now refundable if I'm 70? 


    I think you only get a refund if your cruise is cancelled or you showed up for a cruise and weren't allowed to board when the doctors note was new.



    They actually did make that offer, full refund. 70 and older, if you had current hospital visit and underlying health issues like diabetes, respitory, etc.

  3. At first, I thought that this offer was generous:

    • $100 per cabin for 3 and 4 day cruises
    • $150 per cabin for 5 day cruises
    • $200 per cabin for 6 day and longer cruises

    Now I'm thinking it's not. Why? First, say you have a triple or quad, that's pocket change for each person. Second, what if we miss ports, or get on the ship one day late (Panorama did last week, which we are going on). Third, what if we drift at sea, or, get quarantined, lol!? The $200 seemed like a great offer at one time, but I'm not feeling it any longer. I think a fair amount would be $500 per cabin, for 7 days.


    I happen to be on the Swine Flu Cruise, and that was NO fun! Royal gave us PEANUTS, which wasn't even enough to buy an umbrella, jackets, cold weather close, etc. (we were sent up North)! Having experienced that, I've come to the conclusion that $200 will barely pay for the essentials, AND, that's if there's only 2 in a cabin!


    I'm waiting for the flamers!!!!

  4. 3 minutes ago, dallasdan said:

    They are not advising against any other form of travel or congregation.  They didn't quarantine the entire conference that Trump was at last week.  Nor, do they check temperatures at airports.  Airports and public transportation are more of a threat than the cruise industry.  Each person has to make their own decision.  As for me and my wife, we are sailing on April 25 Panorama with no plans to cancel.

    I'll see you on the 25th!

  5. 23 hours ago, True Romance said:

    Thanks klfhngr, we are excited to check out Stone Island for the first time in April.  Do you suggest we bring a bunch of smaller US bills or should we get Pesos to pay for the activities on Stone Island?

    My pleasure... I really hope you enjoy it. Like I said, we've taken more and more people there, and they all loved it and end up going back. For us, there's not really a lot to do in MZ. So we stick to Stone Island. On the last cruise, we jumped on a cab after and headed to a shrimp/bar place. Then from there, back to the dock area for some shopping and some people watching with one final beer.


    Either, or. I prefer dollars, and they appreciate them more too, lol! I like to take $2 bills.. On all our travels. For some reason, they all love them. But on Stone, either will work. And walk there! No need to take a cab! 

  6. On 2/28/2020 at 1:55 PM, JMorris271 said:

    Smaller plates mean more traffic at the buffet islands due to people making a 3rd trip for a 3rd plate because they didn't get enough in their earlier 2 trips.

    Hopefully they'll get full after the 1st or 2nd lol! Who knows 

  7. Mazatlan: I highly suggest Stone Island, we all loved it. We've been there on 4 or so cruises and have taken others there. They have all loved it. Hang out at Lety's (Victor's used to be the spot, but word is that he's no longer open, he comes and goes). At Stone, you can do a lot of water sports and ATV. ATV's here are cheap, and you can ride all over the beach! Waiters at Lety's can hook you up. You can also do a banana boat here, jet ski, parasail, etc.! Very active place and also a great place to chill. Food is the BOMB and cheap!!! Head back to the ship an hour or so early and hang out at the bars by the ship or shop!

  8. Oh, and my mother went on the Panorama in January. She stated that it was beautiful weather in Mexico, but cold the first two and last two days, as I stated before. She caught the flu and ended up in the hospital after the cruise! Not Corona though. 

  9. 2 hours ago, CAnative1 said:

    ditto what klfhngr  said above about it going and coming. 


    That said I have been on the itinerary 3 times at the tail end of the month of November into the first week of December. I have always found the temps to be comfortable (high 70's low to mid 80's) and the water temps to be in the mid to high 70's. 


  10. On 2/15/2020 at 2:51 PM, amy2313 said:

    We are leaning toward The Atv/Suspension bridge in Cabo with maybe a inexpensive boat ride to the Arch, Stone Island in Maz, and some sort of UTV tour in PV.


    Has anyone done a UTV tour in PV??  And if so which one?  What company did you use?

    We used Unique ATV Tours. Great people, try to negotiate! Only negative: They push HARD for tips when it's all over!
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