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  1. Generally I'd say since it isn't prime season probably a better chance. $1600 total or pp?


    Seeing that trip is the one of the few to Canada those are generally popular trips and sell well.


    That category isn't crazy priced right now but there is only one room available so chances low. If really interested I'd upgrade on my own IMO.




    It's ok that I told others, i'd rather spend the $1600 on beer or other stuff like my JEEP! ;) If we get it, we get it, if we don't, we don't, lol!

  2. Very interesting. Have never been offered an upgrade after 52 of cruises. Would faint if we ever got call from the "upgrade fairy".

    When I book I make sure that is the cabin we want and will be satisfied . I do get happy for people that do get an upgrade and can enjoy their cruise even more.


    This is cool, thanks! I've been wondering what the offer looks like! Thanks again!

  3. Should this “documentation” be kept visible at all times to be viewed by the public to satisfy inquiring minds? Because I really feel it’s nobody’s business.


    I am an attractive, 57-year-old. I’m quite positive you would never guess I had physical challenges. But I do.


    Ever had mono or even the flu - that exhaustion and weakness? That’s what I have lived with 24/7 for the past 12 years. I’ve lost my career and my social life.


    I will gladly give up riding my power chair to be full of good health again!


    I have multiple autoimmune conditions which severely limit my energy output. I may awaken feeling fine but I’ve got 2-4 good hours before I lose strength and energy. Even sitting upright is often too much to bear. I may be able to “push through” but there’s always a price to pay. Pushing through for a day’s fun is sometimes doable but may land me in bed for the next two or three.


    I have a handicapped tag on my vehicle and also a placard. I don’t actually leave home very often. But when I do, I very rarely use a handicapped spot. I reserve it for those times that I MUST go into the grocery store but feel like I may collapse at any given moment.


    Now, I’ve got an upcoming cruise next month to Alaska. I was seriously considering bringing my power chair to reserve my energy onboard and hopefully saving enough energy to get off at port (without the chair) to go whale watching on a boat.


    Or what if it’s a sea day and I decide to walk to the breakfast buffet?


    But now I know what some people really think of me. I’ll be labeled a “phony” just trying to game the system.


    To those who think that way - I pray you never need a wheelchair.


    P.S. - I’m sorry if this sounds mean-spirited, Bonzo. I’m truly struggling with your post right now (it literally made me tear up) and whether or not to bring my chair.


    Hang in there Satch... If I ever see an attractive woman on a scooter, I'll rent one so we can 'cruise' aroind the ship together, lol! In all seriousness, hope you have more better days and hope your prayer is answered..

  4. I don't think MikeBTN was being rude in any way. He brings up a very good point in that is it worth 30 euros getting worked up over or letting taint a cruise.


    The suggestion of a pleasant email to NCL to maybe request an obc is an excellent idea. All they can say is no and you're no worse off. I sometimes let the little things get to me in a big way. It's nice when someone (usually my husband) reminds me of what's important in the big picture and what's not. If you've never been to Hamburg before, this could be a nice little way to maybe see a bit of the city from the taxi on the way. ;)


    Well, if that's the case, my apologies.. lately, people have been blasting people for asking a question.. That's what CC is for.. but some have forgotten that..

  5. Please be careful whom you accuse of being a "phony." I am 61 with no cartilage left in my knees. At times, I can walk some distances and at other times, I cannot. Sometimes I need a mobile cart in a store and other times, not. There are so many other invisible disabilities such as RA, fibromyalgia, lupus, and many others that affect a person. Perhaps the lady you encountered has one and is used to having to "fight" to prove herself,so has a chip on her shoulder. No excuse, but certainly understandable. Did she take anything away from your wife that she needed? If not, then I would think it is none of my business and move on. Attitudes like you display here create chips on shoulders of people with actual disabilities that are not always so readily apparent.


    Sometimes we are doomed if we do and doomed if we don't. I have a handicap parking tag, but at times, if I am having a good day, I will park in a non handicapped spot that is close. I have been cursed at for this and told I should take the handicap spot and leave that one for non handicapped people to get close.


    Great point on not to assume.. I've had 3 serious knee surgeries, I have my good days and my bad days.. it I never try to take advantage of the situation...


    Maybe showing a handicapped sign would/should be required? Idk... Evan with that, I've had people leave notes on my car questioning why I had a placard, saying that I looked fine.... Who knows..

  6. Cliffhanger,

    Ain't LGB LA's hidden gem, for as long as that remains.

    We are closer to ONT than LGB, we used to find insanely cheap flights out of/to ONT but not anymore, it is

    now more akin to being the most expensive airport in the LA area. The cheapest always seem to be LAX

    although occasionally we have found a good deal out of LGB.

    Gotta LOVE LGB!!!


    Yup, totally love it! We use it to go to Seattle, Florida, New York.... Lately it's been cheaper than LAX and SNA.... and SOOOOOOOOO convenient! Walk up, check in and bam, the airplanes are parked right in front of you!!


  7. totally agree but flights are very limited and sometimes more expensive. I am one of those that does hate LAX. It is a hassle to get through security, no one is very friendly and terminals need refurbishing.


    From personal experience, there are now MANY flights out/in of LGB. AND, cheaper than LAX.... We've been flying out of LGB for the last several cruises because it was a lot cheaper than LAX.... But that's just me...


    Now SNA (John Wayne Airport), that is usually a lot more expensive.....!!

  8. Do it, we did ..... why so apprehensive ?


    I don't like kids.. jk.. I don't like a lot of kids running all over.. Some parents let their kids roam all over, run the hallways, pissss in pool, etc.. I don't want that.. Didn't let my kids do it, hence I don't want to be surrounded by too many kids.. Please don't get me wrong, I love kids.. Well mannered kids...

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