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  1. I also tip in $2.00 bills. It's easier than two ones when my Wife and I order a drink. The last cruise we went on, a guy at the bar saw me tipping with the $2.00 bill and said I needed to save it and give it to my kids. I told him I go to the bank and get as many as I want and asked him if he wanted one. He acted like it was the coolest thing ever. In the grand scheme of things, a few extra dollars for someone who doesn't make a lot, makes both parties feel better and you would be amazed at the service you get.


    Thanks for getting it!! :)

  2. I'm with Doug on this one.


    The OP was worried that he may be tipping twice, then says he will take some cash so he can reward what he considers exceptional service, but isn't that tipping twice?


    It's for exceptional service... i.e., great service, interaction with guest, great attitude, etc... On my last cruise on Princess, the staff was MISERABLE! I missed the smiling faces and great attitude from my X cruise prior to that cruise. I don't mind tipping twice, I just didn't want to be forced into it (hence my original post)... But I get what you're saying...

  3. Wow, I don't understand where some of these comments are coming from!! It was a simply question/comment... Has nothing to do with being grateful/not grateful! SHEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And some wonder why some people don't like posting/asking questions on CC!

  4. I get where you're coming from.. I have two active boys, they been on almost 10 cruises. They were 3 and 9 when they started, they are now 20 and 26! But usually, the first question that would come up was, 'what is there to do on this ship'?! They to love playing hoop, especially in their teen years.. they're not into dancing and all that stuff, so sports or activities were important to them. If the ship looked boring, they had the option to stay with grandparents. Guess what? They never took that option, lol!


    I'm sure you're son will find something to do. My boys always did, even on this last Princess Ruby cruise, where it was boring as heck!! I've never been on the Bliss, so I can't speak on that, but perhaps you can make it up while in port and do something that will feed his adrenaline! Jet Ski's, Zip Line, ATV's, etc.!


    Hope you and your son have a great trip!

  5. The tap and bottle list has not changed from Florida and they said they currently have no plans to change it. So any pics of the menu you see online from here or on google image search is pretty accurate. If you like Belgians there are three different large bottles of Chimay that are excellent. There's a $5 upcharge from the UBP but definitely worth it and you get two servings.


    NICE, very nice!!! Love my IPA's, IPL's, Stouts and Belgians! ;)

  6. We are new to NCL, hence the question.. and yes, I did a search to see if I could find the answer.


    I was just going thru our invoice since final is due in 2 weeks. I noticed Beverage and Dinning Charges 249.12.


    I'm aware of the bev gratuity, but are the tips included in the 3 meals?

  7. We take $800 - $1000 depending on ports... Always come back with cash, but rather be safe than sorry.

    We've taken $500 once when money was tight, and we still did well.


    As others have said, it all depends on what you do in port.

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