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  1. Caribe was my second cruise ever, in 1986.... It was the funnest cruise I ever had. We had a group of about 30, it was my girlfriends 1st cruise, she roomed with 3 older women! We stayed out dancing until the wee hours of the morning. We even won the dance contest, lol.... We married the year after and we continue cruising, together, almost 25 years later!

  2. ....You can buy temp cement at drug store to put a crown back on .


    I had an experience that I would like to forget, lol! I went to the dentist a couple of weeks before my cruise for a cleaning. I have a crown in the FRONT, broke it riding a bike in an empty pool (that's another experience)... After the cleaning, it 'felt' like my crown was loose, dentist said no, it's my imagination. A week later, I'm still feeling like it's loose, again they say no. I go on my cruise, I'm snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta, I come up from the water, my friend says, 'Dude, what happened to your tooth'? I said, 'Huh'? He said, 'Your tooth, it's gone'! I put my tongue there, and sure enough, IT'S GONE!!!!!!!!!! Now how am I supposed to find it in the middle of the ocean?!? I then start to panic, start thinking, 'What am I gonna do? Where do I go'? I got out, headed to town. Well, it's SIESTA TIME! Dentist are closed... I start banging on doors, knowing that the ship will be leaving shortly! I find a dentist that can fix it, however, he doesn't have an exact match. I didn't care, at the time! Once I got on the ship, I looked in the mirror, I had a damnnn CHICKLETT as a tooth! To make things worse, I was to sing in the talent show the next night, I did it anyways! I'm the guy that sang an Elvis song, jumpsuit and all, and with the 'CHICKLET' tooth!


    Moral of the story: If you feel like your tooth is loose and your dentist says it's not, FIND A NEW DENTIST!! I kept the 'Chicklett' as a souvenier!

  3. DH and I are going on the Holiday to Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. We are not really into laying on the beach or snorkeling though and would like to get a feel of the "real Mexico." Any suggestions as to what to see or do would be greatly appreciated. Also trying to decide if renting a car or getting a taxi would be best. Not sure if we would be comfortable driving. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)



    GO TO CANCUN........

  4. Celebration

    Conquest: Francesco La Fauci

    Destiny: Gianpalolo Casula


    Elation: Guisseppe Donato




    Holiday: Orazio D' Aita



    Legend: Claudio Cupisti


    Miracle: Gaetano Gigliotti



    Sensation: Vicente Fernandez


    Triumph: Massimo Marino

    Valor: Giovanni Cutugno

    Victory: Agostino Fazio


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