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  1. Really? Princess staff didn't wow you? We haven't sailed Princess, so cannot personally comment. Just know NCL has blown us away on service both times we've sailed them.


    Not at all! There were quite a few people that felt that way. I met ONE worker in one of the bars that always had a smile on her face. If 10 more had the same attitude, it would've been great!

  2. Oh Honey, you have eased my mind. I know there can always be issues, but I'm leaning with a strong tilt to the I can make it side. As I've said before, I got off the ship in Miami (was the first one off) had to wait for a taxi (about 2 minutes) got to the airport & through security and at my gate by 8 a.m. AND I know that is comparing apples to oranges. I think I can make it too. If I were sailing in on a Saturday, I'd fly out Sunday am, but as I said not an option this trip. I'll have to look you up after my return and let you know how I did. Thanks again for the vote of confidence. & I always check in 24 hours prior my flight.


    My pleasure! ;)

  3. Klfhngr, I agree that staff does help make the cruise. Only on our 2nd NCL last week, and we recognized over a handful from the Escape 2 yrs ago. Additionally, one of the M'aitre D's gave us his card and told us to ask him for anything we needed at all. My parents and in-laws were with us. Their very 1st NCL cruise. My dad happened to then mention to that same Maitre D that he had no way of using his Waterpik in his bathroom, that he was kinda trying to make it work in the cabin, but with difficulty. Don't you know how impressed they were to receive an extension cord delivered to them so my dad could use his Waterpik in the bathroom? They thanked him endlessly. And in addition to the thank you's, chats, and daily hellos to this individual, he even surprised us by allowing us to choose any 2 bottles of wine at dinner on the last night of our cruise. That certainly gave our parents a very good 1st impression of NCL.


    Wow, to me, that is huge, that was very nice of him/them!!!! Staff does really make a HUGE impression! It can be an old, outdated ship, but if the staff is having fun and there to serve you, it might be the best cruise you've ever been on! That sounds like my cruise on Commodore!


    I'm hearing some good things about the NCL staff and quite excited. I enjoy talking to them and seeing them around the ship.


    A CD from Mariner of the Seas made a huge impression on me. As me and my cousin were walking thru the promenade, he walked by and said, hi Mr XXXX! He knew my NAME! I have no idea how, the only ting I can think of is that he saw me at karaoke? IDK! My cousin said, did you meet him before? I said no! Then my cousin yells out, what about me?! LOL!!!


    But yes, staff plays a huge role.. Princess staff left a bad taste in MY mouth...

  4. I say yes, you'll catch your flight! If there are no security threats. A couple of weeks ago, they found and abandoned truck by LAX with arms in it... They shut down the ramps to get to the gates!!'


    But if there are no issues, you'll make it fine.Just Pre-board...

  5. So for every time you bring on one bottle with you, you end up with 10 bottles on the ship? Wow!


    Baseball terminology.. Meant that every time I've take a growler with beer on board, I've always gotten them on...


    Here you go: . In baseball, to get a hit every time one is at bat (resulting in a batting average of 1.000). The slugger is still batting a thousand after a record eight at-bats.

  6. Great posts, lol!!!!


    An option for leftovers is to give you cabin stewy... Worse case scenario they dump it.


    I used to take two large ones... One for me and one for the Mrs... Usually Gentlemen Jack and Seagrams 7 for her...


    I enjoy to home brewing also, so now I usually take an empty growler and hope to find a local brewery when in port. I fill up and attempt to take on ship. So far, I'm batting a 1000%!


    On this upcoming East Coast cruise, I'm hearing that there are a LOT of breweries! Cannot wait!

  7. I'm loyal to nice ships, great prices and great itineraries... with that in mind, I'd say I'm loyal to CCL, RCL, and X.


    I'll find out how loyal I am to NCL in a few weeks.


    Also, we might be done with Princess, we found it to be quite boring the two times that we have tried her. Perhaps it was the staff on on the last cruise and an older ship.


    Since I mentioned staff, I guess that should also have a lot to do with LOYALTY.

  8. We got them on board but ended up not really needing it. I think my brother dumped some alcohol out when we left. I know the horror!


    WOW! I had a lot left over once and I gave it to my cabin steward. He was so happy, lol!


    I take a bubba keg or yeti and fill up before I headed to pool.. Well, I use to...

    Oh, I just had a flashback.. I'd take the rum runners in my backpack, order coke then fill er up!

    Or, take a flask, fill that up, then go to pool and fill up...


    That was a long time ago!

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