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  1. bSMZysHNwxY#


    With children in diapers, feces is the danger. If anyone (child or adult) drops a deuce, the pool would need to be drained, cleaned, and filled (not easily done while docked in Bermuda, for ex)


    This is called a 'CODE BROWN' in the hotel industry... I've seen this happen a few times.... As soon as I hear a walkie talkie say CODE BROWN, I jump right out of the pool!

  2. COO was probably making his daily mama call, was probably going thru emails/news, etc. as he called her and was just going thru the motions with mom (uh hu, yea, good, cool.. then, ah man, what a crazy woman jumping off the ship) and venting.. not realizing what he was saying... I can see that happening, lol!


    I heard he's now investing in a movie called 'Throw Mama from the Ship'!

  3. We've done many MR cruises. We always get off the ship and bargain with a few drivers. Average price that we paid is about $120 for a whole day, but that includes about 10 people or so.... Doesn't hurt to negotiate.. and most drivers speak English well!

  4. We've gone there on at least 4 cruises.. DO NOT BOOK via the ship!!!! You can do it on your own!


    When you exit the ship area, make a LEFT and walk for about 10 minutes. You'll then make a left at the end, you'll know when. You'll jump on a little boat that will take you over. It's a couple of dollars each, or less!! When you get to the other side, someone will give you a ride to the beach area. That's another buck or so!


    We used to hang out at Victors', but we heard that he's not doing well. We hung out at Letys' last time, and it was great! They'll hook you up with water sports, food, drinks, etc.!


    Enjoy! And again, DO NOT BOOK on the ship, it's a ripoff!

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