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  1. We too learned the hard way!


    When my kids were little, we kept noticing candy, mugs, hats, etc. in our room.. I didn't pay to much attention to it but I finally asked my boys, 'Who are those for and where did you get them'? They looked at me and seriously said, 'Dad, they're free and they're for gifts for grandma and grandpa. Just go to the gift shop and show them your room key and they'll give them to you'! OMG!! It was so hard not to laugh, but we explained to them that they were NOT free, lol!


    Lesson learned, lol! After that, we were able to limit their spending....

  2. That is so funny, I feel the total opposite! I feel I've got so many things to plan on a cruise. Dinner reservations, show reservations, shore excursions, reserving the adults only area, trying to board early to do so, etc. I guess I should just relax next time. I can't help it. If there is something to plan, I'm planning it so I don't miss out. At an AI, I just show up, order drinks, eat when I want and nothing to think about. But I love both type vacations. Just depends on the mood.



    I agree!!!!!!!

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