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  1. Just my "two cents" but, to the original poster: I would email (again) to the office of the President--and if you can find the name of the new president, I would also address it personally to that person as well as to the generic e-address that goes to the many factotums and others with limited authority. The email formula used to be first initial last name (all together, no dot) @seabourn.com In that email I would, just as you so well did above, set out the facts and what was represented to you re the credit amounts, which you subsequently learned second-hand were not being honou
  2. Thanks so much for posting/linking the bar menu, much appreciated, folks! On Cruiser
  3. Hi folks, and happy new year (let us hope that 2021 is happier and sees us all safely sailing again!). A quick question about what is included in the Signature Bev. Package. Does anyone know which brands of Scotch or Vodka are covered within the $11 limit? For example, can I get a Chivas Regal on the rocks, and can my wife get a Ketel One vodka? Or must I try to upgrade to the Elite package? If we are gifted the SBP, I recall that some were able to pay the differential onboard to get to the Elite package. Does anyone know the approximate current differential PP PD? Man
  4. I am interested in Fred Olsen too...so I looked on their web site. It all looks good but, for me, one fly in the ointment: smoking is allowed on balconies. Note, I am not debating it, nor wishing to get into a pro and con on it. Just stating a fact. That one fact, for me, is unfortunately sufficient to rule them out. Others, especially those who do not care about balconies, may have different views.
  5. Well, instead of our cruise in May to Alaska to which we looked forward (12 days return Vancouver, all nicely planned, darn it!) as I am working from home a lot more we have finally bit the bullet and are renovating our home office. We are using the money refunded from that cruise. The renos are about the price of that cruise plus, plus (renovations always cost more than one plans, in my experience anyway). If the cruise lines raise prices so much that some people won't want to cruise, or may have other uses for their vacation dollars (either a different type of vacation or using t
  6. Since none of us are able to cruise at present, and who knows when we can, I, for one, enjoyed reading of Raphael's plight. As the original poster put it, why not now? Why indeed not? It is a cautionary tale of how a business can lose a previously loyal customer, and the OP related a problem that could happen to anyone of us--if we get back to sea--and which may have happened, in one way or another, to other people. In my view, its not usually the problem itself which causes much angst. It is how the company handles the problem. That is the acid test. In this case, if one accepts
  7. Jenidallas, your description of a CSO was very educational--more succinct than was the Harvard article which you attached. Until reading this, I had no idea of what a CSO did. Who knew reading CC could be so educational. I can justify reading it on "office time". Given the description of a CSO, I agree that Mr. Leibowitz is likely the right person with the right skills at this time. I wish him good luck in these challenging times.
  8. With all due respect, Iancal, you are setting up the classic "strawman". One need not have "1990/2000 experience", and I don't really see that is being requested. Rather, the other posters seek quality food, some entertainment (usually, in my experience there is some, but lately there have been "dark nights" in each venue limiting the choices), and a reasonably well fitted out cabin. Considering the promises implicit in HAL's brochures and elsewhere about the wonderful experiences you will have on board, I do not think it too much to ask that the actual match the marketing hype. "M
  9. Astride, can you escalate within your bank? Speak to a manager and go up the chain? Many banks (in Canada, anyway) have an internal Ombudsman’s office. good luck!
  10. Payment Received Update: For JPH, to put onto the spreadsheet (again, thanks for doing this): On Cruiser, Cruise date May 31/'20 (to Alaska, would be just flying home tomorrow if we had gone ) Date refund requested: April 14 Date payment appeared on Credit Card: June 9, 2020 Sorry that I did not post sooner, was actually quite busy with work these past two days. My refund took a little less than 60 days. My TA late last week pushed Seabourn, and he is part of a very large and higher volume (upscale) agency, so perhaps there was some clout there and perhaps he got
  11. From the other thread, "Refund Roll Call", where a poster helpfully is tracking in chart format the length of time it takes for most (who choose to participate) get their refunds, it appears on average to be taking about 75 days. Since that other thread was intended strictly (more or less) for factual information, I thought I would add my editorial comment here: As someone still awaiting a refund, 75 days strikes me as too long. I hit the 60 day mark on June 14. Having already discussed and book-marked a potential CC dispute with my credit card issuer, at 60 days (unless the bank p
  12. Having had a couple of business encounters with Mr. Meadows over, ironically, a couple of customer complaints, one when he was EVP at HAL, and one at Seabourn, on both occasions I found him very professional and most pleasant to deal with. Certainly, he responded to my emailed complaints promptly; it was not just a "form" but rather, both times, a thoughtful response. Far more than I received from the President of Regent when I raised concerns with him about a recent Regent cruise! As to the refunds, I have expressed my concerns about the CCL subsidiaries not dealing with their cu
  13. @bvocruise and anyone else waiting longer than the time specified for your refund, whether or not your credit card issuer can assist will only be determined if you make the call to enquire. I urge you to do so. Most credit card issuers are aware of this problem. Moreover, you are calling before your sailing date (hopefully, or at least before your cruise end-date). For $7 grand, I would make the call and ask to initiate a "dispute". You have nothing to lose, that I can see, by trying. Also, like insurance companies whose first answer is usually "no", if the first answer received is
  14. I respectfully disagree with all that Rocketman posts. There is nothing wrong, and everything right, about those who are owed a refund being provided with clear communication, and a schedule. Moreover, that others are doing things better in that regard is highly relevant. As to somehow being short-sighted by making demands on HAL that we may regret later, if Rocketman is raising the spectre of bankruptcy or restructuring, that may or may not already be in the cards. While, as a 5 Star mariner, I would be sorry to see HAL vanish, CCL restructuring its various subsidiaries is a real
  15. In his ongoing defence of the cruise lines, RocketMan sets up a "straw man" by asserting that people are demanding their money "NOW"; not, frankly, that there is anything wrong with that, as it is their money, if it were true. Yet most--the majority that I can see from other postings--people are prepared to accept a reasonable schedule for a refund; say, 30 days, 60 at the outside, and only ask that the companies stick to their commitment, with clarity, communications, and integrity. That does not seem to be happening with HAL. The timelines keep shifting outward (originally 14 day
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