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  1. I had my shots at a CVS in Ct. The person filling out my card just filled in the date and batch number and handed it back to me. I asked about whether to have it laminated or not and he said do whatever you want. I have ordered the plastic sleeve to put my card in and also took a picture with my phone. I take no medications so there would be no file to add to.
  2. I don't necessarily agree with your thoughts. I have only recently returned to Carnival after being away for about 3-4 years. I had 2 cruises booked for 2020 both were balconies but not much more than 2grand each per cruise. Both canceled and I have now rebooked one for New Years next year and still need to rebook the other one. I am platinum on Carnival but if you track my spending I rarely spend more than a hundred or so on anything beyond gratuities. My drink package promo was actually quite nice. My sister who spends tons of money on extras went to book the same cruise as me was quoted a p
  3. Do you have any idea what Carnival is offering ? I have a cruise booked for October as well as December and I am trying to figure which way would be the best way to proceed. If we pay and let them cancel we are looking for the biggest credit to maximize or having to be canceled otherwise I'm looking to just reschedule for next year.
  4. We are booked for October as well and I just checked and the cruise is not available for October only 2-5 day cruises. I then went and checked my cruise and at least that one is there for now.
  5. We love North Myrtle Beach we used to go there every April. We would stay at The Ashworth every year. Ahhhh I miss going there you are so blessed,
  6. October 18th on the Glory and December on the Legend for New Years can't wait !!
  7. Not trying to start crap but if only long exposure highly contributed to the virus then we would still be shopping and going to dinner etc... That being said I am an essential worker so to speak as I am a vendor for major grocery stores in the east and am in constant close quarters with all the shoppers even with one way aisles, masks etc.. And fortunately for me I do not feel high risk for contracting the virus either on a ship plane or cruise just my opinion. And by the way I wear a mask all day and do not go outside of my yard anytime that I am not working we are all practicing social dista
  8. Not sure if I can post this question here but here goes. I have been shopping around for a cruise on the Horizon for September of this year. As everyone knows Carnival does not allow their cruises to be discounted by anyone so anything that any other broker does cannot be done with a price drop from the standard price. So anyway I found a broker that was offering prepaid gratuities. It also said Earlysaver and reduced deposits just as Carnival would. It then said to call for free gratuities. I called and they said that to get the free gratuities that I would have to forgo Earlysaver as well as
  9. My first cruise was Spring Break April 2004 on The Pride. I took my son and both of my Foster kids and one of my sisters came along. We were blown away by the service as well as the ability to see other parts of the world. When we were out on excursions we were enlightened by how the conditions in some places lags so far behind the U.S. It helped give the kids as well as myself an appreciation to life in the U.S even with the adversities that we still have. P.S I love Carnival Cruise and can't wait to cruise again this year !!!
  10. I haven't found an answer for this question. If I have 100 shares and my boyfriend has 100 shares is the OBC per person with shares or 1 OBC per booking confirmation ? Thanks
  11. Nice to learn that you may order more than 1-2 apps I was under the impression that you may just order say a soup and salad or shrimp cocktail and one other side.Thanks for the info.
  12. Lol or the hop on hop off bus cable car and all the tourist spots down by the bay.
  13. If you haven't been to San Francisco yet I would rent a car for the day and sightsee around the city. We were there a few years ago and there is a self guided tour that you can find online that was very good it was approx. 20 different locations to visit. Also Muir Woods is amazing.Then a nice place for dinner.
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