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  1. They open on the Jewel :) note the door like section
  2. Not on the Sun :( Dividers are solid and fixed in place.
  3. Never trust someone who has never been on the ship -- the sauna is inside the Spa and part of the facilities you gain access to for the daily or cruise long fee. :eek: :(
  4. The Skyward is still cruiising MS Skyward 1969-1991 (now Leisure World for New Century Cruises, Singapore) - sistership to Starward
  5. All the ABs and AFs have open balconies. The closed area you see is ship's officers housing. They put them on the side because they are all about the inside space. What a waste of valuable aft space for a bathroom window. This way they can sell aft and forward penthouses and still have a very desirable penthouse that is not aft or forward facing. :)
  6. The biggest risk in my mind is the neighbors:D Nothing worse then the all night fighting couple I had the "hacker" sat out all night on the adjoining balcony coughing up a lung :eek: The party hardy crew with the boom box :rolleyes: I have had them all but never took a cruise I did not like. Have a great cruise.
  7. I'm confused if you are taking about the aft port facing AF/AGs I understand the Mama issue since like 11630 - 11639 are under the overhang. If you look at the deck plans the facing cabins are perhaps 60 feet from the back of Mama's. As posted they are under the Great Outdoors and breakfast and lunch is served from the buffet that is not above the cabins. No bands, no parties at night, no kitchen crew cleaning and or cooking overhead. One other point if you can hear people talking above over the sound of the wake I need to borrow your ears :D :) I spoke with 3 couples who were in those cabins on the transatlantic. I was in an AE aft. No complaints of any noise. All those that have posted here in the last year had no issues with noise. If you passed on one of a few special cabins because of potential noise in my view a mistake. Somebody will enjoy that cabin. No matter what cabin your are in I am sure you will have a great time in the Med.
  8. Nobody has complaned of noise from above in these cabins. The Great Outdoors is there but only a few tables. No kitchen. Worst case you might hear some movement when the clean the area at night.
  9. Leeward did 4 day Mexico/Key west. I think the Seaward was doing classic 7 day western. 2good2b - do you remember what the ship looked like ???
  10. Alex is the current Concierge joined the ship in late June but will be off the ship in August and on vacation. I imagine Ruth will return then. The real question is who will go to Germany to bring out the Pearl with Klaus as the HD.
  11. There is a casino right at the pier. Can't say it was good. I just passed through it. The casino on the Jewel is much nicer. Blackjack tourn. - $10 per entry (if you sign up for a free players card or it ws $15) but we got either a free drink or a $5 match play. They ran 3 or 4 qualiifying events 6-8 seatings, 6 hands of blackjack- top 6 winners in $ play for a t-shirt and $500 the last day. Winner take all. I won on the Sun and got to the finals with only 18K. On my last cruise low person qualifying for the finals had 37K. On the Jewel I busted out every time I entered.
  12. Sure - The Garden villas on my cruise Sunday have been booked for over 6 months. The next cruise on the 23rd still has one open and the current special pricing is 7902 cruise fare for the first two passengers and 395 for 3+. Normal noncom and taxes apply. So in this case you could pick it up for 16K all in for 2 plus about 700 per each additional passenger.
  13. The error appears because you are requesting more passengers then the courtyard will hold. Max I believe is 5. Garden villa with 3 full bedrooms is 7. If you want 6 passengers look at an AB and adjoining AF.
  14. OK OK - They don't sell cases but they will sell helmets/buckets at any bar. The latitudes Bar on the Dawn is Spinnakers. With the 20% repeat cruiser discount the price of a single beer is the same as the bucket. No you can't get the extra 20% on the bucket:( They will normally sell the buckets in a plastic football helmet that has a $5 deposit. Just tell them you want yours in buckets with no deposit. Also watch the Daily for two for one specials. A great time to stock the fridge in the cabin. Some have posted they were able to get two buckets on that special. I have not but perhaps a bartender might do it. Anyway half price is not too bad if they have it. You may have to stock up at midnight. The good news you are not breaking any rules bring beer from your cabin since all of it was purchased onboard.
  15. You are lucky that basket made it to the cabin:D Not sure what you ment "On the reason to use Wellwishers is because NCL did not offer the beer. " They have Corona and Miller light and not much different in price as long as they keep selling the buckets. I think a bucket of Cornoa is around $20 or perhaps $5 to $10 more for the case. You can order it and drink it anywhere on the ship. Even without the bucket deal the 20% off in the Latitudes bar brings it in at the same price.
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