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  1. I can’t recall if this has been addressed but if mandatory vaccinations are required how will the cruise line determine if the vaccination is still effective for a given individual. For example I was completely vaccinated in February and have my ID card. Could I board a ship in October eight months post vaccination where the immunity might have gone away but I have a card stating I’m vaccinated. I think there are just too many unknowns still at this point to debate whether vaccinations should be mandatory.
  2. Based on Mr. Donald’s comments today I doubt that any HAL ship will be cruising this summer anywhere. Not one HAL ship was mentioned for summer cruising.
  3. I would also hope that a statement from HAL is forthcoming.
  4. Definitely looks like to me no HAL cruises to anywhere this summer.
  5. I have been thinking the same thing the last several weeks.
  6. According to the HAL website the first cruise now scheduled for the Zaandam is December 2021. Maybe short cruises around Greece in the works?
  7. I don’t know if this info has been posted but wonderful news! But new CDC data, out Tuesday, suggests those who are fully vaccinated won’t get sick and are unlikely to transmit the virus. “Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick and it’s not just in the clinical trials but also in real world data," CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. Real world data that showed those who were fully vaccinated by either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine did not transmit the virus. “Before, we didn’t know for sure if it would
  8. The original poster probably has final payment coming up in a few weeks. I’d be indecisive at this point too.
  9. Meeting these criteria does not mean cruise ships can resume passenger operations. We don’t have enough information at this time to say when it will be safe to resume sailing with passengers. Cruise lines need to establish additional safety measures before sailing with passengers is permitted to resume. CDC will continue to evaluate and update its recommendations as the situation evolves. i’m not sure what the CDC is doing at this point to get passengers back on ships. What will be ‘enough’ information for the CDC if they are not providing guidance to the cruise lines.
  10. I booked yesterday - Raleigh to Rome for October 2 - Venice to Raleigh October 29. I believe as of today October 30 will now be open.
  11. I’m booked on the Volendam (Zuiderdam) October 5 to October 29 Rome to Venice. I had a VB on the Zuiderdam and now a B on the Volendam. I’m a happy camper.
  12. There is a very good possibility that not all folks received the same email from HAL regarding reassigned cabins being better or equal to what they have booked. I was reading on one roll call where someone mentioned that their email did NOT contain such verbiage. There may be many more who did not get such a guarantee. It certainly will be interesting to see what happens by November 30.
  13. I second a big thank you for the memories. It was the last cruise my husband and I were able to take together and met so many people that are still friends to this day.
  14. I’d be disembarking the Zuiderdam in Venice after having enjoyed a wonderful cruise with friends.
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