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  1. My pass says call on the side. I am 50 days out. Should I resubmit the phote?
  2. I am on the Celebrity Infinity for the Panama Canal Cruise October of this year. I had a C2 guarantee room and a couple of months ago I noticed the stateroom was assigned to 6135 which is an extra large balcony C1. It seems like a good room. We did bid for a suite (minimum bid) but there are currently only 5 suites available so doubt that would happen anyway. Since we have such a large balcony I do not want to change to Aqua which we may have a better chance at getting. We are sailing with a group and will have classes during sea days and would not enjoy the Aqua amenities then.
  3. They do sell usb pumps for those bags that fit in your hand. I don't know how strong they are though.
  4. I guess I can ask for a lounger or foot stools. Not sure I like there is no loveseat.
  5. I booked the October 2019 Panama Canal cruise, 15 nights in a C2 or better guarantee cabin. I was recently selected 6135 which seems to have a huge balcony. Has anyone stayed in this type of stateroom? Should I ask to change? I have not been on this ship before.
  6. No problem. I don't go crazy and Lysol everything. Good hand washing, especially prior to eating or touching your face will do wonders. Also keep yourself healthy: hydrate and boost your immune system prior to going. I like Airborne, but extra Vitamin C will do also.
  7. You actually only need about 20 seconds of hand washing but the key is friction, rub the soap between your hands. The cabin steward uses the same rag to clean cabins, Saturngrl do you lysol everyday?
  8. I agree the wifi is very slow. If you are going to use it on the ship, then get unlimited on one of their sales. I prefer to do this because I don't want to spend my time at the ports searching for free wifi.
  9. And it includes TSA precheck for that fee as well.
  10. I Had my apt the next day in NYC. It depends on where you live.
  11. Another tip for Downy wrinkle release: spray the night before or a couple of hours ahead. Spray, take your hands and "press" out the wrinkles. It will be a little damp from the spray and I find its dry and has less wrinkles if you hang a couple of hours.
  12. The 80's cruise is March 2-9th. I have a friend that booked last year.
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