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  1. Found it! 363373879_NorthernLightsShoreExcursions.redacted.pdf
  2. Go look at the January 24, 2022 roll call. Someone posted an excursion list from 2020.
  3. We're more hikers and explorers than beach people, so it looks like they're appealing to both crowds on Milos. I knew what would probably happen with the Kusadsai stop, but was still disappointed. I'm looking forward to a great cruise, though. We're leaving Thursday, arriving Friday, staying at an airport hotel before heading to the ship on Saturday. Doing the same on the back side, leaving on Sunday after doing a post departure tour of Athens with Windstar. We're TYS-ATL-ATH and ATH-ATL-TYS on Delta, who, to their credit, proactively changed us from TYS-ATL-AMS-ATH when they restarted their ATL-ATH routes, a much easier and safer routing. Speaking of safety, I purchased the Abbott’s BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag At-Home Test Kit 6 Pack to keep with us in case we needed it somewhere along the way. We're planning to do a test the day before we leave just to make sure we'll be clear to cruise before flying to Athens and running the risk of a 10 day quarantine there. We are, of course, fully vaccinated, but concerned with the uptick in 'breakthrough' cases.
  4. Oh, well, Kusadasi was just cancelled on the August 7th Greek Islands cruise on the Windstar. I have visited Ephesus a few years ago, but I was hoping my wife would get to experience it on this trip.
  5. Hey, Laurelguy, My wife and I are on the August 7th cruise with you as well. We're flying in from Tennessee a day before the cruise and leaving a day after. We're both previous Windstar cruisers as well and looking forward to returning. Thanks for your posts. It will be dissappointing if Kusadasi is cancelled. I was there with Regent a few years ago and have several nice rugs to show for it. 😉
  6. My wife and I will be there! We're sticking with the ship's tours, even thought we can 'free roam' now. Does anyone know if the Rug Dealers will be open in Kusadasi? I've actually bought rugs there years ago...and they still look like new!
  7. Many of the remaining cruises in the last quarter of 2021 and first quarter of 2022 depart from Miami. Does anyone have a concern about Azamara actually running cruises out of Miami since the state of Florida is not allowing cruises that depart that state from confirming vaccination status prior to departure?
  8. Well, both Greece and Israel are open to vaccinated visitors, so I don't think that it's unreasonable to expect Azamara to let us know the actual reasons that they are canceling the cruise.
  9. Actually, Florida is preventing cruises leaving from their state to require proof of vaccination status, so the type of vaccine that you received is inconsequential.
  10. I just received notice of cancellation of the October 27th Israel Intensive cruise from Athens that I had booked. I'm a fully vaccinated US citizen and thought since this cruise was departing from Athens, with Greece fully open, and Israel having led the world in vaccinations that I would get to check off a bucket list item. This is my fourth Azamara cancellation, a cruise line that my wife and I came to love and cruise frequently before the pandemic, but have become frustrated with after these seemingly random cancellations without detailed explanation for the reason for the cancellations. We have one other cruise booked with them to Iceland next August, but I am just about ready to get a refund of the tens of thousands of dollars that we have given them and invest them with other cruise lines that seemed to have been able to adjust their post pandemic schedules more effectively. I hope that these difficulties aren't related to the new ownership. For instance, we will be leaving for Athens in a little over 30 days for a Greek Island/Turkey cruise on Windstar. We also just received an email stating that ship's tours would no longer be required to leave the ship in Greek ports. I do realize that Azamara is now offering Greek Island tours as well, but I already had Windstar booked after Azamara canceled our previous Greek Island tour earlier this year. It seems that Azamara could do a better job adjusting to and communicating about their post pandemic itineraries.
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