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  1. https://brochures.saga.co.uk/seeinsidebrochure/Saga-Holidays_Saga-Cruises-2021-season-v2/doublepage?pk=5VS8pouf41RqLEir5ark&fbclid=IwAR2gZxXyBC91gJu5RBKRo5Zk74xg0OniQndCVG55Gp6qLqijPGmfzYH23tY
  2. Thanks for posting..it’s a good start. Now we just need to know where they go and how much they are! We have not paid for pre-registration so will have to wait a while yet.
  3. On thee Facebook page some people have received the schedule for 2021 and can start reserving from tomorrow. Is anyone able to post it here? I am aware we can’t book until March 23rd but would be interested to see the dates and itineraries on behalf of my Mum.. Thanks.
  4. I am following this thread for my Mum, who needs a single cabin and has not sailed Saga before, but wants to give it a try. Can you explain the £90 pre-registration to me...should she do it? I have cruised a lot and tend to help her with bookings, but have no experience with Saga and how to get the best prices. As a single cruiser it is always relatively expensive, so I like to try and help her get the best deal possible. Thanks for any help/input.
  5. Perhaps there will be some bargains when they are finally released as some will undoubtedly have given up and booked elsewhere? It does seem very odd to be so late planning and releasing itineraries.
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