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  1. Was on her twice in same cabin -- loved that ship!!
  2. On embarkation day what restaurants are open for lunch ? thanks in advance
  3. The Gem has them too...I think 6 p.m.
  4. so true; I usually try to get the cabin numbers & have the stewards deliver reminder notes.
  5. You might post on roll call if anyone wants to do a cabin crawl, slot pull or a raffle to get them interested....and I believe the minimum is 25.
  6. My first cruise on an RCL ship. What restaurants are open on embarkation day? Is the (free) Escape Room a good thing to do? Any other tips from seasoned RCLers appreciated. thanks
  7. thanks! How do you know when it is held?
  8. This is my first RCL cruise & I signed up for the Meet & Mingle. Does the ship actually have a meeting on board? If so do the officers attend? thanks
  9. Same for me - no airfare. The Reuben sandwich in O'Sheehans is really good
  10. Entertainment was varied: juggler, comedian, Broadway type shows etc Take this cruise annually for last 8 years and food has deteriorated quite a bit Friendly crew and good cruise staff
  11. snorklin'barb thanks for the reply -- guess I will spring for the $3 extra bucks!!
  12. Does anyone if Cagneys still has lamb chops ....and the cost? Will be on her next month thanks!
  13. I sailed her twice in same cabin which was L-shaped but don't remember bout TV or safes...loved that ship!!
  14. I too bring a ziplock bag w/some...hit the bathroom & the phone
  15. I have sailed NCL quite a few times in a inside or outside cabin where a coffee pot is not in room so I ask housekeeping or my steward if I can find him the first day to procure one for me. Altho they will provide coffee I bring my own as I dislike theirs.
  16. If you want to stay right by the port there is a Holiday Inn Express AND a Comfort Inn 1 block from the 48 street elevator entrance up to the main deck. i have stayed @ the Comfort Inn which has free wifi & breakfast
  17. I was on the Gem in February and the coordinator was pretty good with ideas to do stuff . He too organized dinners the first being in the Grand Princess which had horrible service with 1 table being served after ours had finished eating. Another nite we were to eat in the Chinese resto which had a 45 minute since it was Chinese New Years which he did not know about so I bagged that and went off on my own. All in all, it is definitely a good option if you want to join others
  18. I would not miss out on going over to St George which is a longer ferry ride as it is quainter than Hamilton. Good photo ops in their main square w/the old-fashioned stocks and pillory. Also for the ladies there is a perfumery where you can see how they are made.
  19. Aside from the solo meet up around 5 p.m. which you should join, try to participate in any of the daily activities....trivia and progressive trivia are very popular. also when you enter any of the free restos you can ask the hostess to place you at a singles table or, if they do not do that say you are willing to share a table....have met alot of folks that way
  20. Having been on a number of Gem cruises, thought the entertainment was quite good
  21. I always empty it myself & then tell my steward I will be storing stuff in there...never been charged for contents in all my cruises.
  22. I usually take an inside cabin & ask my steward or call housekeeping to bring me a coffeemaker. These are single serve pots & the grounds do seep into the coffee (I bring Peets) but it is far better than the ships. Since I must drink decaf this is my solution.
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