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  1. When I booked on line, nowhere until the cruise is booked does the final payment date show up. The cancellation penalty yes but not final payment. I did go back and rather than booking on the website I asked for a quote and specifically asked for final payment date. Their Risk free guarantee is nice but they still have your money. For a Elbe River cruise in June 2021, final payment is due 290 days before cruise - almost 10 months. When I asked for same cruise in June of 2022, final payment is due 522 days or almost 18 months before the cruise. When I told the agent I was not going to acc
  2. eguiney


    Looking into an Avalon cruise. I see like Viking they offer beer and wine with lunch and dinner. Do they off a liquor package. I enjoy a scotch or two before and after dinner.
  3. I have sailed Viking before and know the drill. I did push back. Their response was basically go ahead and cancel no big deal to us.
  4. Check Avalon. Have not sailed but looks nice. Got a quote for their equivalent Grand European Cruise and the price is comparable. Their final payment is 90 days before departure which is reasonable
  5. I did call as soon as I booked. The agent left several time to talk with a supervisor. No deal. They did offer voucher but at that point I was not in the mode. BTW, just looked at an Avalon equivalent Grand European Cruise. the price is comparable and their final payment is due 90 days before departure which is much more reasonable.
  6. Be VERY careful when making a reservation with Viking online. It is not until the booking is made that you will learn that they want payment in full in 4-5 weeks which may be as much as 11-20 months before the cruise. I just made a reservation for July 2021. They wanted payment in full by the end of this month. It is costing me $200 to cancel and get my deposit and insurance payments back 5 minutes after making the reservation. The were very quick to take my money but it will be 20+ days to get it back. I have cruised with them before and was always able to get a reduction to 6 months
  7. Also noticed that as of this morning, that if you choose the Classic Beverage Package as one of your "Free Perks" it cost an additional $280 for the 10 day cruise I was looking at. They even went as far as have "Our most popular choice" flag above it. The nickel and dimeing of the public continues to grow and one of the reasons, I no longer enjoy cruising as I once did.
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