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  1. I noticed on your day 1 daily that it mentioned the 19.95 “fill a bag” laundry special without specifying a day. Was it available every day instead of the usual once a week?!
  2. Apparently in Miami and NY there are vending machines after you pass through security, and in Miami those include Coke products. I don't want to smuggle anything. 🙂 But I do like having a cold can of Coke Zero when I wake up in the morning (instead of coffee), and since even with an unlimited beverage package there's no way to get a can of anything (even Pepsi, which I don't care for) for less than $3, I was hoping I might be able to acquire a few legally...
  3. I've heard that at some ports, it's possible to buy canned soda (sometimes even Coke products...) after going through security but before embarkation. Does anyone know if that's the case in Seattle? Thanks!
  4. Those photos are gorgeous! What kind of camera did you use?
  5. Wow! That’s an amazing photo. Were you on port or starboard side?
  6. What wonderful trip report—detailed and SO much fun to read. It was super helpful since we’re on the 6/2 sailing!
  7. Spa passes for this sailing are $249/pp. The spa balconies are a better location than our midship deck 8 BA and have a few nicer amenities. Since we had already bought the spa passes—which we canceled after we got the upgrade—it was well worth it for us to spend what amounted to an extra $50/pp for the spa cabin.
  8. Thanks! I know they limit the number of passes they sell, but I’m not sure if that number varies based on itinerary, or if it tends to be extra crowded on the Glacier Bay sea day...
  9. We’re on the 6/2 sailing, and have passes. I’m wondering how crowded the thermal lounge area is likely to be, especially during the Glacier Bay sea day. I’ve heard the observation lounge is often really crowded, and I’m hoping the spa will be better. (We have a balcony, but I suspect I’ll start to get cold out there!)
  10. 6/2/19 sailing on the Bliss. Just got notified that our $300/pp bid to upgrade from a midship balcony (BA) on deck 8 to a spa balcony (B9) on deck 15 was accepted! Since we were getting spa passes anyways, we're pretty excited to have improved our location for what amounts to only $50/pp. 😄 (We also put in a $350/pp bid on a spa mini-suite.)
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