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  1. We were on the Vista on the 2/8/20 sailing and were in 6461. We never hear loud music at night in our cabin or on our balcony. And I sit out and read until about midnight. I stayed in the havana pool area on almost all of the sea days and never witnessed anyone playing their "boom box" or doing cannonballs in the pool. I'm not saying it didn't happen because I did go to lunch for about an hour before coming back. Most of the people we talked with were congenial and polite. But, in the past if someone did something out of line I have complained and gotten it resolved. That includes the p
  2. We booked the Havana specifically because we can't afford a yacht. I would love to be on Below Deck! lol
  3. Sorry, it's kind of late, I was looking at the Carnival Vista. As for as the Legend, we had that cabin in September and putting it politely, it sucked. We should have stuck with regular aft. Water kept flooding the bathroom from underneath the tub, TV would come on full blast in the middle of the night. I personally think the room was haunted.
  4. This has been an amusing thread. I happen to enjoy being able to utilize the Havana pool area at night in the peace and quiet. I chose to be in that area and I chose to pay extra. I chose to not have little kids running around doing what kids do. That said, if you don't like Carnival's policy, go elsewhere. Looking forward to the Carnival Vista, aft wrap on 2/2/20.
  5. I believe that 7347 is an inside stateroom, not a suite.
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