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  1. I am on that cruise as well. I have no desire to be re-routed. The only reason that I was taking it was because I wanted to go to Cuba. I called Viking as well this morning. I also called our trip insurance company for which I paid a small fortune and was told that IF the cruise company diverts the ship and provides an alternative trip for those dates - then this insurance company won't pay for it. Viking should make good on this and they say they will by allowing us to use the $$ to take a different trip. However, I highly doubt that we are going to get in. This happened to use once years ago when we took a cruise because Libya had opened it's ports to US citizens. Guess what - we got on the ship and were told "Sorry, we are rerouting."
  2. I called Viking yesterday and the price for overnight is $800.00 PP AND $400 pp for 1 day cruise
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